Z: The Zany FireBonnet Cast of Characters

We are finally to the letter Z in the A to Z April Challenge and to sum it up I present to you the zany cast of characters who make up the FireBonnet Family.

Welcome to our world!

Some of you might have seen some of these photos before but hopefully I have a few new ones for your zany pleasure. The cast of characters is Tim, my systems engineer husband who wears overalls, Cooper the Cat Herding Cattledog, Jack the Cat of Many Names, Buffy the Haiku Writing Kitty and me. (You can click on any of the pictures to go through a slide show of larger images.)

I must say we are a goofy gang, but life is too short to be too serious. This A-Z Challenge has been just that… a challenge. I am glad to have survived it! And I’m happy with the fun stuff we came up with to fit the letter of the day and stay current with our own features and some of our other photo challenges. If you’d like to see the full alphabet you can click here.

Thank you for visiting. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

FireBonnet (and her fun family)



Z for a Zany Cast of Characters


survivor-atoz [2014]

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