WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows – into the Past

I find our barn in Idaho an amazing walk through history, and just love these windows into the past.

windows into the past

A few years ago my husband took these single pane windows out of the ranch house to replace them with double pane to keep the house cozy and energy-efficient. I saw them stored in the barn and immediately fell in love with them. How many times did family members open those windows to let in the fresh air? What song did an auntie sing as she washed the window panes? Did the kids get stuck painting the frames in the hot summer? Did generations of hummingbirds look into the windows wondering when their feeder would be filled?

More of these windows into the past are tucked among other treasures in the barn.

Barn Still Life

Every time I enter the barn I see more evidence of generations past. It’s a feast for my artist’s eye and my imaginative mind.

My creative urge awakens. I want to make art from these windows into the past, not just photograph them. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but the idea has percolated for a year and a half. Fancifully paint the panes? or the frames? Create some kind of multi-layered mixed media with multiple windows? Would it be 2 dimensional wall art? or perhaps a sculpture? My mind fills with ideas to take these windows into the future with new purpose.

These windows into the past have a delightful future.

The windows evoke such imaginative thought and imagery for me… stories of the past, stories yet to be, stories that could have been. Possibilities… journeys through time… archetypal adventures… These windows into the past enlighten me (I think there is a pun in there somewhere 😉 ).

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog.


1.10.13 Theme is Windows - of the Past

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  4. Meghan Post author

    I keep finding out more and more from my husband about the things on the ranch I’ve been blogging about. I’ll have to have a part 2 for the dinner bell post and the window one!

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