WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I found this photo challenge prompt, treasure, very difficult.

It is a given that I treasure my husband, family, pets, the ranch, nature, as this blog is full of them. So what else? I think I feel a little guilty about it… but it’s my iPhone.


It’s such an amazing little thing! I can phone, text, email, social network hop, blog, order prescriptions, deposit checks, send money… all from this little fellow.

Treasure iPhone 5

It’s also full of references for us geeky people who like to know how things work, where the nearest Peet’s Coffee shop is, or need a thesaurus!

Treasure iPhone 7

It’s always important to know the weather when we’re heading off on a motorcycle ride.

Treasure iPhone 8

And then there are games, and the fun and funky apps like knowing what sign the moon is in at any given time.

Treasure iPhone 6

There’s all sorts of entertainment from watching instant Netflix to listening to music to YouTube. Before I even bought my first Kindle, I was reading Kindle books on my iPhone.

Treasure iPhone 9

And for the artist in me there is not only a really good camera, but all of my editing apps literally at my fingertips. 😉 (The image below only shows some of them.)


And finally, I can dress it up! Yep, I’m a stickler for a strong case… but it doesn’t have to be boring. For the past two years I’ve designed and made cases with photos from our summer Idaho adventures.

When I imagined my answer to this week’s prompt, treasure, I thought it would be more romantic. But, I can tell you that this little iPhone isn’t romantic in and of itself, but it was instrumental in kicking my real romance into high gear when hubby and I were courting. It was filled with a treasure-trove of tantalizing texts! 😉

As always I welcome your comments on this and any other part of my blog.


2.14.14 WordPress Photo Theme is Treasure

2.14.14 WordPress Photo Theme is Trea sure


9 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

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  3. Meghan Post author

    Thanks! That’s why I was a little embarrassed about posting the answer… but it’s something that keeps all those other treasures close.

  4. Meghan Post author

    Thanks Mara… in truth it is a treasure that keeps all my other treasures close! (family, friends, books, photography, ideas)

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  6. Eclectic

    Hah I really wasn’t expecting you to say that what a surprise I logged on to your blog expecting not to see Jewell’s or anything but perhaps an animal or a love letter lol…..it’s good to think out of the box and also surprise everyone 🙂

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