Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

I’m excited about participating in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  Each week the Daily Post at WordPress.com provides a visual theme for creative inspiration which we artists then interpret in our own unique way.  This is my first week and I’m a little behind, since the next theme comes out tomorrow, but I really want to do this one since I have a great shot to share.

The theme is The Hue of You:

…share a photograph with a prominent color (or assortment of colors) that reveals more about you. It could be a symbolic, meaningful shade; a color that expresses how you currently feel; or a combination of colors that excites you and tells a visual story.


Cooper's Rainbow

I took this photo last Sunday with my iPhone4.  We have a faceted crystal ball hanging in our bedroom window and the beautiful SoCal sun makes rainbows around the room.  As Cooper was still groggy from sleep, I was able to take a series of shots with this beautiful rainbow gracing his face.

The Hue of Me…. In this splash of rainbow hues on my earthly and earthy dog I see the mundane and the spirit juxtaposed within me.  The redheaded dog is human me reveling physically in the here and now… Meghan.  And the ephemeral and delightful rainbow is my childlike spirit of creativity… FireBonnet coming out to play.  I can just see fairy me with enchanted shoes dancing color all around Cooper’s face…

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first WordPress Photo Challenge effort… as always I’d love to read your feedback on this or any part of my blog!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

  1. Meghan Post author

    awwwww Thanks Mom!!!!! It was a surprise how well it turned out. But Coop and I are turning out to be great co-conspirators.

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