WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Family – Heart Home

The WordPress photo challenge this week is Family… what a happy theme.

I don’t take photographs of people very much. I think it is a real art to capture someone’s essence in a photograph, and I have been shy about pointing my camera in people’s faces enough to practice! I’m also introverted and so going to a crowded place to take anonymous pictures with my telephoto lens isn’t comfortable for me.  That said, when I saw the WordPress photo prompt Family, I knew exactly what to post… photographs of our family on the ranch in Idaho.

The McCall ranch is my husband’s ‘heart home’ and he seems more himself there than anywhere I’ve seen him.


Hubby Tim’s family come every summer, and have for decades, to enjoy the ranch and revel in dirt biking, water sports, camping and just hanging out together.

Tim’s son and brother off to go trail biking.

Tim's son and brother off to go trail biking.

And brothers reminisce over brunch on a motorcycle ride.

Good Times

When I married Tim (on the ranch July of 2012) the ranch became my heart home as well. My son visited that summer and learned to ride a dirt bike (his friend is the subject of another WordPress photo challenge: Joy is a Dirt Bike – here).

The Teacher

Last summer, more of my relatives came to vacation at the ranch and I was able to catch a few moments that say Family to me.

My brother fans his charcoal with a snow shovel… go ahead and giggle, we all did.

Peter Grills

My mom and dad steal a kiss on a walk in the beautiful Idaho forest.


And my niece sits politely with the boring adults.


Our Family would not be complete however without including our wonderful Australian Cattle Dog. The property is his heart home as well.

Love the Ranch

The McCall ranch IS family… past (since ~1940) and present; in our memories; and in our anticipation of things to come.

First time on a dirt bike.

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog.


1.17.14 WordPress Photo Theme is Family

1.17.14 WordPress Photo Theme is Family

4 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Family – Heart Home

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  2. Meghan Post author

    You would love it Bongo. It’s very different than the kind of countryside you live in. I bet there would be lots of different smells for you to smell. I don’t think there are any stone aliens, but there are fairies… Cooper has even seen one.

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