Wordless Wednesday: My Beautiful Girl

I’m getting ready for our five week vacation to McCall, Idaho (8 days until we leave) and checking to see how easy it is to post from my iPhone WP app. So this is an experiment… AND a lovely photo of my beautiful girl Buffy Cat.


Have a wonderful wordless Wednesday!

Cheers from FireBonnet’s phone…

13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: My Beautiful Girl

  1. Meghan Post author

    Thanks Jan! This photo was actually taken with my more expensive Lumix DSLR. BUT the post itself was done through the phone. I put the photo on my Google Drive to transfer it from my computer to the phone.

  2. Meghan Post author

    Thanks! I’m surprised… I tried it awhile ago with no success. But perhaps I’ve got a little more skill this time around. I’m going to be taking so many shots with my iPhone on the vacation it will be great to just upload from the phone instead of having to put them on Google drive etc etc.

  3. Meghan Post author

    Thank you thank you for such wonderful praise! I knew the shot was special (I have a few from this “shoot” … which was taken through a dirty window no less … that are good but this stood out.)
    Hmmm, maybe I’d better reword that. I meant the vacation is only 8 days away. The drive itself is 18 hours. lol

  4. prior

    megahn – this is one of the best pet portraits I have seen (maybe ever) but it is natural, yet poised, the lighting to the back – the playful feel of the wood – the curl of the whiskers – the touch of pink and the shape of her tag – honestly, this one should be in a frame – or in a contest – it is award winning to me – Priorhouse award for poignant pet photo perfection (that would be a full 5 P’s!)

    and wow, a state that is 8 days away? where are you coming from – Iran?

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