Word a Week: Sign – A Snarl-Up of Snails

Every year on our drive from California to Idaho we come across this congestion sign right before a tiny crossroads and ponder its purpose.


And here is the area of congestion we were cautioned about…

congestion 2.1

It is a conundrum to be sure… Did the township have a little extra in their budget and thought they’d put up a sign that would puzzle all the tourists as they drove by?

Or is there one special time of the year when this area actually IS overcrowded, clogged and congested… like maybe at roundup time?

A Snarl-up of Snails

A Snarl-up of Snails … snicker

I would absolutely love to know what you think the warning is for. As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. I’m linking to A Word a Week featuring the word sign.


17 thoughts on “Word a Week: Sign – A Snarl-Up of Snails

  1. Meghan Post author

    That is a great idea. I think we’ll be heading through there on Saturday. Maybe I can get the hubby to stop. 😀

  2. Karuna

    Maybe that is how they get people to stop and learn more about the town. Interesting way to get customers for a cafe or any other business they have there! The first picture looks like there might be SOMETHING there! I hope you stop and ask somebody when you go through this year!

  3. Meghan Post author

    I like that idea too Emilio, but I was told by my husband that the name is Rome, Idaho. An odd name, but not as funny as if it was Congestion. 😉

  4. Gemma

    Maybe it’s there to give you something to think about while you ride down that long lonesome road. Or maybe they should exchange it for a “Snail Xing” sign. 😉

  5. Genevieve

    They should yank that sign out of the ground immediately and mail it to the first toll we hit when we get on the Garden State Parkway. My neighborhood is a textbook study in congestion!

  6. Meghan Post author

    This is great! Tim and I go through conversations like this for miles before and miles after this sign. Perhaps I’ll do a little research on the area before we head up at the end of June. Maybe follow up with a new photo and story….

  7. Y.P.

    I love how you put in the snails. BUt here is my guess on the warning sign like that – there may have been a really bad accident way back when – and sometimes people advocate for some measure to be made as they cope.
    -and if it is a frequent place for accidents it will lead to an actual traffic light
    Also know an area that had a string of accidents from vehicles pulling in and out – and maybe those two buildings were really busy before – lol
    and maybe the little ol’ mayor was prompted to put up some type of warning sign. = and sitting there thinking he said, let’s see… I like that word… just kidding, but we have seen specific ones that say “trucks entering highway” – but never a sign like this – with that scene!
    … anyhow, cute post – and that is my two cents….

  8. Emily

    Name of the town? Warning about allergies? Maybe it’s just their definition of “congestion”? Wonder what the slow time of year is like…

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