Word a Week: Context – Protected Kit Fox

It’s almost as if the San Joaquin Kit Fox in this photograph knows he’s protected.
kit fox

Knows He’s Protected © Meghan aka FireBonnet, 2011

There is a large colony of wild kit foxes on the campus where I worked in Bakersfield, CA. As they are an endangered species, there were signs around the campus “Sensitive Area” where we knew to look for their dens, and in the spring their newest batch of pups.

To get an even better idea how close this den is to the bustling campus here are a few photos I took to put things into perspective…

It’s amazing how used to humans these little foxes have become, but people know not to approach or feed them, so they are wild in that sense. However, they do raid the garbage cans when they get the chance.


The Word a Week prompt context was a tricky one, but I love the kit fox posing under the sign that protects him.

As always I welcome comments on this or any other part of my blog.


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9 thoughts on “Word a Week: Context – Protected Kit Fox

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  2. Meghan Post author

    Thank you Sally! The Facility for Animal Care and Treatment is part of the campus, serving as a wildlife rescue, conservation and education center, especially for birds of prey. http://www.csub.edu/fact It’s pretty cool thing on such a relatively small campus.

  3. Sally

    Perfect for the challenge–it’s wonderful that there is this “sensitivity” to nature, especially since we’ve built upon their habitats. Well done.

  4. Priceless Joy

    That is amazing how close they are to the campus! It is obvious this fox doesn't have fear of people (much anyway). He is still ferrel. Around here, they eat our pets.

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