Whose Blog is it Wednesday: It’s Selfie Time!

I couldn’t help myself, I took another selfie! And since it’s Whose Blog is it Wednesday, I’ve found some of my favorite bloggers’ photographic self portraits to share in my post.

I just can’t help taking a selfie every month or so. Add a reflection and I’m in heaven!  I’m no longer embarrassed by my fascination with my image. And a cellphone is sure a lot easier than setting up a film camera on a tripod and using the timer like I did 30 years ago.

As I was photographing our new motorcycle a few weeks ago I serendipitously captured myself in a reflection on the bike. I love that kind of surprise and went to work playing (love the pairing of those words) with the image.


Original photograph.

Original photograph.

I am practicing with the app PhotoToaster on my iPhone. I went to open the app, but somehow opened Mobile Monet instead. But why waste a wrong turn? After all, not only had I captured myself, but bits of the yard as well, and they made for a pretty watercolor effect.



Watercolor selfie.

I did make it to PhotoToaster and do enjoy the crop and effect I settled on, but I think the Mobile Monet is my fave edit for the day.


selfie reflected 2

Love my husband’s heels over there on the right.

When I decided to feature reflected selfies today as my second Whose Blog is it Wednesday, I knew if I did a word search using selfie on some of my favorite WordPress blogs I’d find some posts to feature. After all, WordPress Weekly did a photo challenge with that very theme in February. MY challenge was to find bloggers who used a reflective surface for their self-portrait.

  • I headed to my friend Mara Eastern, knowing without a doubt she would have one. She’s that kind of quirky photographer. #037 Selfie finds Mara vainly (her word) photographing herself in a reflective red car’s surface. You go girl!
  • I would guess my friend Sue at birgerbird doesn’t like taking pics of herself but she had a great one for the WP challenge. As she said, Nice n blurry just like I like it! Elevator doors make a great reflective surface.
  • Vladimir at Wind Against the Current has a fantastic and creative shot of himself (behind the camera) and Johna Johnson infinitely reflected. Me, myself, and I… and I… and I… , a must see for the surreal effect!
  • And finally, imagine my surprise when I searched the word selfie at Debbie’s space, Travel with Intent. She’s begun a monthly selfie, or should I say ‘themselfie’ post. The first is called Selfie Capital of Europe. Her image of a family taking a phoneselfie is great fun!!!! And guess who’s going to link to it with this post? My-selfie!

I invite you to click on the links above and visit these terrific bloggers to say hello!

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. :D Stay tuned next Wednesday when I write another mystery post and secretly search my friends’ blogs for related material. It’s a surprise for all of us!


selfie reflected 3


17 thoughts on “Whose Blog is it Wednesday: It’s Selfie Time!

  1. Meghan Post author

    I haven’t been out anywhere really to see anyone take selfies. That’s what happens when you work at home. My dog took a really funny one though! lol

  2. Debbie at Travel with intent

    Great shots Meghan, and I love the whole post. I rather like taking a reflection selfie, though I don’t post them very often.
    Almost time for another month of Them selfies – did you manage to capture one?

  3. Meghan Post author

    What the heck? So you can’t comment on mine and my comments don’t register. As far as I know I get people’s comments. Usually I answer up in my (wordpress) Notifications bubble on my blog by my Howdy Meghan.

  4. Eclectic

    Thank you so much Meghan and I just realized none of your replies go to my comments post which is so odd gggrrr so I’ve probably missed tonnes of replies. I generally don’t click notify with follow up comments as you end up with tonnes of emails from everyone’s comments. Is this how it works for you? Thanks for the advice someone else mentioned zazzle to sell on x

  5. Meghan Post author

    I know… just love the shiny silver on that bike. I still haven’t gotten to ride it 🙁 , we will take it up to Idaho to register it there and then we can take him out.

  6. Meghan Post author

    I admit that is not the most fun form of selfie. After my BFFs chemo her hair grew back thicker and with much more body than before and it’s stayed that way. go figure!

  7. Sue Ann Bowling

    ‘Fraid I use selfies mostly to document the ongoing changes chemo makes on my hair. Right no it’s trying for an Afro effect, after last summer’s chemo, but I suspect one cutting and it’ll be straight again.

  8. Meghan Post author

    The one I use for my artwork is Fine Art America. And the one I use for products is Zazzle (you can do cards and posters on Zazzle too). Both are free, both are relatively easy to post to. BUT if you want to sell much you have to be ready to market market market. If you only want some for a few friends and yourself, both have discounts for your own work of course. I happy with both services. For a personal service to get physical photos and books, I use Shutterfly.

  9. Meghan Post author

    You are more than welcome. I KNEW you would be my go to girl for this subject! 😉 When I do shoes and/or painted nails you’ll be a star again.

  10. Mara Eastern

    Whew! You mentioned me, I’m famous 😀 Seriously, this is an awesome post on my favourite subject! It was a pleasure to browse your pick of the best selfies by you and by other bloggers, thank you!

  11. Eclectic

    I usually run away when I catch myself being reflected in something lol! Great pics love the black/white 🙂

    I wanted to ask you about the service you use to sell photos as I am looking for somewhere. There are quite a lot of options so am trying to chat with those who have first hand experience 🙂 x

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