What Am I For?

I am for living in harmony with nature.

I am for self actualization.

I am for equality among all beings.

I am for juicy words strung together in story.

I am for bringing joy to my dog.

I am for growing God.

I am for the smells of saddle soap and fresh brewed coffee.

I am for the safety of all children.

I am for surprise road trips.

I am for bright colors and lots of art supplies.

I am for understanding and compassion.

I am for sunshine and the turning of the seasons.

I am for healthy living inside and out.

I am for finding beauty… everywhere.

I am for self-love and self-care.

I am for education for women worldwide.

I am for women and men interacting equally.

I am for clear communication.

I am for respecting and honoring our elders.

I am for nurturing my inner creative child.

I am for individual expression for all.

I am for celebrating diversity.

I am for caring for others less fortunate.

I am for letting go of old expectations.

I am for wordless wonder and deep nurturing silences.

What are you for?

2 thoughts on “What Am I For?

  1. nharvey

    So nice to see a post from you! Between illness and more general concerns, this has been a difficult season, so your beautiful pictures and positive message are very much appreciated–like a glimmer of sun in an otherwise dark morning (which it literally is here right now).

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