Welcome to FireBonnet.com!

How exciting this day is. I’ve got my domain name! Yep… You can find me with ease at firebonnet.com.

Along with the new domain name I decided to refine my blog’s look to better show off the visual aspects (I am an artist after all!) and make it less busy. I have brought a few of my recent posts over from the old one and will finish importing the few more that I want today.

Then it’s off and running to add awesome content! I’ve wanted to centralize my social media for months now. It’s just so much of a time suck to post to multiple sites some of the same info. I have different audiences, who I want to update all at once. And really, my blog is the heart of my correspondence so I want content to originate here.

I think I’ve found the way! And a way to post from anywhere! So this blog is my test… I’m writing to you from my iPhone! Through email! Now we’ll see if being with you, in the moment, works yet or not.

So here’s hoping! And a pic of my new blog with its new address. I would LOVE it if you’d subscribe to the blog (form on right) because I’ll post all sorts of happy moments from our ranch in Idaho again this year and I’d love to have you share in the story.

Here goes nothing! I’m pressing send…


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