A Video Tour of FireBonnet’s Art Hut

My incredible hubby is building me a studio which he fondly calls my “Art Hut.”

The basic building for my art studio is a pre-built “playhouse” shed. After helping me pick the perfect shed, Tim then designed and built the foundation and put in wood flooring (just for starters).

Tim mixed all the cement himself for the tube foundation posts.

Tim mixed all the cement himself for the tube foundation posts.


Foundation done and ready.

Foundation done and ready.

The building is delivered and installed.

Delivering and installing the building.


Tim and Cooper put in the wood flooring.

Tim and Cooper put in the wood flooring.


He made a board ramp into stairs (a fancier way to get up is planned for next year).

He made a board ramp into stairs (he’s planning something fancier for next year).


I added hanging plants and fairy lights of course!

The project is still in process, but I’ve moved in. Some of you saw these shots of the outside on social media and asked to see what it looks like inside. I haven’t posted many photos of the inside because it is pretty messy, but another artist said that’s exactly what she wants to see! So, I made a video yesterday.


Don’t you love the birdsong soundtrack?

There you go my friends, that’s my art hut so far. Please leave me questions in the comments if you want to know more. If you enjoy the video let me know and I’ll do another one when the next few stages of the process finish.


xoxo Meghan

Tim enjoying a well earned break

Tim enjoying a well-earned break

3 thoughts on “A Video Tour of FireBonnet’s Art Hut

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  2. Meghan Post author

    Thank you so much for the amazing comment N. The flowers, fairy lights and of course hummingbird feeder were very important right away! During a messy time it is important for me to be able to visually enjoy something. Every time I pass by my flowers or rosemary I sigh a happy sigh. It makes the mess of boxes that much easier to tolerate. Neither hubby or I are spring chickens so the project may take another 3-4 months! But I’m a happy camper every step of the way.

  3. nharvey

    Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!!! That is so AWESOME! I am positively drooling. You have a very creative, hard-working and generous, loving hubby there. I never would have imagined dressing up a pre-made shed like that. I LOVE that you dressed it up with plants and fairy lights (those are just the best, aren’t they?), and never would have considered adding them before everything else was finished. Must be that creative, the-mess-be-damned mentality I need to better develop. And OHHHH, all that storage space! I’d say you were spoiled but I’m certain you’ve earned every cubic inch. I look forward to seeing the marvelous work that comes out of that joyful space!

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