U: Buffy’s Haiku Thursday #25: What about a Lizard

Buffy Cat here with another week of cat haiku, and thoughts about a lizard.

I am also tasked with using the letter U for the A to Z Challenge since Mom is all out of ideas. So I am picking Ukiah. Yes, haiku spelled backwards… you didn’t really think a cat was going to follow the rules did you?

Here is my haiku.


I now wear a bell.

Perhaps a different prey pet?

Lizards stay quite still.

~No Birds Buffy~


Mom wrote a Ukiah yesterday about my bell (here). Meow, now she thinks she’s a poet. To check out the other 25 of my Haiku Thursdays, click here.

Thank you for reading and any conversation is most welcome.


For Ukiah, haiku spelled backwards.

For Ukiah, haiku spelled backwards.


10 thoughts on “U: Buffy’s Haiku Thursday #25: What about a Lizard

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  2. Meghan

    Cupcake, I am learning to walk stealthily to my bell doesn’t make too much noise. I’m glad you have something to ambush! I myself used to have a few toys. One was my arch nemesis the Purple Sequined Mouse. I batted him around all over the house.

  3. Genevieve

    If the lizard stays still, then maybe you can stay still enough to silence the bell. Ambush! It’s worth a try…. I have a stuffed lizard toy and I ambush him all the time!

    Love and licks,

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