Hi, Cooper the Cattledog here with my monthly post, and this one is about dog toys.

For your information Tuxedo Jack, Buffy Cat and I resolved our issues with Mom and our strike is over (strike post here). The terms we negotiated are that we each write a post a month (instead of a week) with one comic. We also get July and August off, which for me is perfect because I’ll be in Idaho with Mom and Dad all of July and there is no way I want to work when there is so much playing to be done there.

Speaking of playing, here is a post I’m re-posting about toys. I wrote it back in December, but I thought I’d post it again to catch you up on my playing progress.

I never really had toys until Mom came along and then I got a Frisbee and she taught me how to catch it and more importantly (to her) how to bring it back. 


Then Mom started reading on Instagram and dog blogs about these dogs who had toys and actually played with them.  She started feeling really bad that I hadn’t had a ‘proper’ childhood where I learned to play with toys.  I told her it’s OK, I’m pretty awesome the way I am, but she insisted on getting me some toys and teaching me to play.

We started with one of those Kong things that have snacks in them and I have to try to get them out… gosh that’s hard, but totally cool when one bounces out when I don’t expect it.  And she got me a chew toy that looks like a dinosaur, but that’s only good when she puts peanut butter on it.  Dad got me this really cool toy that smells like his sock and we play tug of war with that… oh wait, I think it IS his sock.

But the coolest toy I have is a Wubba! 


Did you know that toys can squeak?

play 2

I haven’t decided if I want to make it squeak or not make it squeak so when I  catch it I let it squeak, but when I pick it up I’m very careful so it won’t. 

play 4

We play all sorts of games with Wubba like tug of war and catch and keep away and fetch … I get pretty tired.  I carry Wubba around with me so the cats won’t take him… after all, he is pink, and Buffy loves pink.

play 3

At night Mom puts all my toys together so I’m ready to play in the morning.

play 5

Since December, I’ve gotten one really awesome new toy… it’s a ball Mom found in the park. It’s all dirty and smelly and just plain perfect. We mostly play fetch and chew with that one. It does disappear now and then, so I’m pretty sure the cats play with it when I’m not in the room. Mom finds it in weird places like under the bed and behind her desk. As long as they don’t steal my Wubba, I’m good, after all, it’s a dog toy not a cat toy!


badge 2 cats 2


5 thoughts on “Two Cats and a Cattledog Tuesday: Cooper Muses about Dog Toys”

  1. My Mom says that’s what she was like when she was little with all kinds of balls and stuff. She even got hit in the mouth with a football and it chipped her front bottom tooth. I hope you don’t get any chipped teeth! The hardest part of Frisbee for me is when I don’t catch it and it lands on the cement… trying to get it to flip over so I can grab it with my teeth and take it back to Mom is a challenge! It’s fun when Mom (who’s not very good at throwing) ends up tossing it near Jack (who is always watching) and I get to go chase the Frisbee and almost barrel into Jack. That’s GREAT! Have a great day Cupcake! ~Cooper

  2. Great job – learning to play, C. Your toys are awesome! My Frizbee confuses me. I know I’m supposed to catch it, but mostly I sit there and look dumb when it hits me in the face. Lucky, it’s the soft kind.

    Love and licks,

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