Tuxedo Jack’s Illicit Affection – Redux

This is a repost of Illicit Affection starring Tuxedo Jack posted on Two Cats and a Cattledog.

Jack has felt inappropriately amorous again, probably because Valentine’s day is right around the corner. I consider it my duty to re-post this.

Best Regards, Cooper

tuxedo jack

Mom, you’ll never believe what Jack did…

Mom had left her sleeping dress and her (very soft) robe on the bed.  One minute Tuxedo Jack was just lying on the robe and the next minute he was biting and clawing it.

I was horrified.  This was Mom’s favorite cozy sleeping robe and he was destroying it!  I didn’t know what to do.  I’m not supposed to interfere with the cats, and yet my mom is my first responsibility.  What was she going to think if I didn’t do something about Tuxedo Jack’s apparent disregard for one of her special things?

As I worried over this predicament, I noticed that Jack wasn’t really destroying the robe, but rather being sort of affectionate. Wait a minute… affectionate?  Did I just say that?  Yes I did!  He was purring up a storm and softly kneading the thing and slowly turning it in circles as if it was the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world!  I’ve seen my dad do that kind of thing with my mom and … well, I don’t even want to THINK about THAT.

I can’t believe it, but Mom thought it was humorous and caught it on video.  I’m so humiliated that I didn’t stop it… you know, nip it in the bud so to speak.  But it’s done now and here he is, live in action, in all his romantic fervor:  Lothario Jack


I’m sorry if I have offended, but really it was all Tuxedo Jack!

I hope your Valentine affections are less embarrassing than this. BLUSH



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