I realized today that I haven’t posted a photo from my recent motorcycle visit to wine country on Instagram yet.

I have a tradition of taking a photo of everyplace Tim and I have eaten on our motorcycle rides since April 2012. I wrote a post about our brunches here. I like to upload each image to Instagram/Facebook from the actual place to record it on my virtual map, but in some places, like Los Olivos, I have no service.

Two weeks ago we visited there with a friend, and I neglected to post a shot of the visit, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to do so.

wine country
Arthur Earl wine tasting room, Los Olivos, CA original photo.

And now I’m going to have some fun! I purchased the iPhone app Waterlogue for my post Snappy H’appy #3 – Watercolor (here) and wanted to play with it some more. What follows are all watercolor renderings of photographs I’ve taken on our motorcycle trips to the wine country around Los Olivos, CA. I’ve chosen the particular Waterlogue (watercolor) treatment I thought worked best with each image. Just click on any image to start a slide show.

And finally, my husband, who was lucky once again not to be caught by the fashion police for wearing overalls to wine country.

Tim wine tasting Waterlogue Technical Effect
Tim wine tasting… Waterlogue Technical Effect

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. Please enjoy other creative posts by visiting the host of “Thursday’s Special”, Lost in Translation.


If you are interested, here is a slide show of the wine country photos next to their watercolor counterparts.

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9 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Wine Country in Watercolor”

  1. I really like the effect of this app. Have never seen it before. Might have to check it out. Beautiful photos too, which of course makes the watercolor renderings so nice.

  2. I knew a few of my blogging friends were interested in Waterlogue but is a paid app 2.99 for iPhone. So I thought I’d give examples. I’m pretty happy!

  3. It is pretty cool! Takes a lot of experimentation to get the right effect for the image, and it’s not a ‘quick’ app. But I’m liking it.

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