Thursday’s Special: Black and White Flowers

Black and White Flowers… Variations on a Theme.

I love Bird of Paradise flowers. I wrote on Sunday about the one growing in my backyard in my Random Moments of Delight post, here. I mentioned that the open flower would be placed in a vase soon. And so it was… I already had some sparkly daisies on my bathroom counter and I placed this queen of flowers in the middle.

Bird of Paradise BouquetIt’s difficult to take good shots of bouquets in my bathroom. I love the reflection, but I have to deal with towels and robes hanging on the walls, multiple doors, or sinks and shaving cream showing up in the shot. And the light is poor. But the juxtaposition of shapes in this shot was just too good not to use. I decided to play on the shapes and not the color, so I used the Snapseed app and created variations on the theme of black and white flowers.

Basic Black and White with a boost.

black and white flowers

Black and White in Hi-Def.

Variations on a Theme 2

Black and White pushing the white… almost like a negative.

Variations on a Theme 3

Processed in Color Splash first then Snapseed where I added the soft vignette.

Variations on a Theme 4

I put them all together for a post to Instagram.

Variations on a Theme 5

Black and White Flowers Times Four

The original photo is not really good, but I am just tickled at how interesting it looks as black and white flowers. Luckily I was able to crop the shaving cream out of the shot! 😉


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14 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Black and White Flowers

  1. Meghan Post author

    Thank you Paula! It’s been fun to get to know more bloggers through challenges like these. This is a fun one with the non-theme!

  2. Meghan Post author

    Thank you Debbie! The bird of paradise is such a dramatic burst of color it is a breath of fresh air amidst the monotone.

  3. Meghan Post author

    I knew I wanted to do a pop of color, but wasn’t sure where… then I realized the reflection of the blossom would be perfect… a through the looking glass kind of thing. Thanks!

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