Thru Death Valley to Paradise

6.28.13… Friday, day one of trip. Got out the purse I fashioned in 2011 when I carried my camera with me everywhere. And no purse is complete without a flashlight, Swiss Army knife and tape measure right? I don’t use the tape often but it impresses the pants off people when I do. And last but not least… I’m NOT bringing my cane! Woohoo!

Can’t work on those last minute brake light problems without proper sustenance.

Geez. It looks like we packed everything but the kitchen sink!

We may not have packed a kitchen sink but we did pack two toilets. Finally this year we can retire the outhouse… … … Just kidding! Had you going there for a minute huh? I guess the ranch house ones need replacing and they are cheaper down here.

And we drove out of Camarillo at 11:50 am. Thumbs up for our first leg of the journey, to make it to Ridgecrest to pickup our new old (1987) motorhome.

Guess what? There’s a heat wave up ridgecrest way… 110… Weather channel says it feels like 104… Like that helps… Redheads turn into lobsters at that temp!

Remember the last pic? Heat wave right? Guess what? The motorhome Tim and I are driving up to the ranch doesn’t have working AC! The only comfy person is Tim’s son driving the truck and trailer behind us with the AC full blast. Ah…. Adventures.

6.29.13… Saturday, day two of drive. So this is the 23 foot motorhome Tim bought to stay at the ranch for overflow guests in the summer. All she needed were two new front tires and a battery to make it to McCall. Ok… Yes her AC doesn’t work and it’s a 17 hour drive … But what can you expect for $1,000?

We might not have AC but thanks to the previous owners we are prepared for a nest of rattlers.

Cooper found the coolest, least noisy part of the camper and went into doggie zen mode. He was an awesome traveller. 100% better than last year.

I was extra extra super careful navigating this huge step in the RV. I wouldn’t want to give my hip surgeon a heart attack! I pretty much just scooted on my behind going up and down this step to my seat.

Survival kit for driving without AC through a heat wave. Cold water packs on the neck, and lots of ice and cold drinks in the cooler. And as Tim said we had 4/60 AC… 4 windows open at 60 mph.

Geez it’s hazardous to drive… Game and stock crossings… Bumps that go on for half a mile … Fire truck exits … The only one I missed taking a pic of was the prong horned antelope crossing sign … And I actually saw two of them, the animals that is, only one sign.

Tim’s favorite sign… Congestion … Hmmm…. Really? Are we missing something?

This is the sign we were happiest to see! Deinhard Lane in McCall … Yep named after Tim’s grandpa… It meant we were there.

We made it!!!!! There’s the ranch through the bug splattered windshield. All I want is a shower!!!!

Home sweet home for the next five weeks. It’s a converted line shack, but has all we need. Hear my big happy sigh.

Happy dog amidst the wildflowers.

Happy Meghan greeting the fairy forest.

And the sun goes down on our first night on the ranch. 6.29.13



P.S. We drove within 90 miles of Death Valley the day it was 130 degrees there… Thus the title of this post.

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