Three in Mellow Yellow

The Word of the Week Photography Challenge is (mellow) yellow this week.

I thought I’d feature three of my shots starring the color yellow, each with a different mood and different memories for me.

As I have said in a few of my other posts, my husband gives me fresh bouquets of flowers every few weeks. This is a favorite of mine. It was one of the first prints I sold when I opened up my online art gallery. Usually I place the bouquets on a mirrored shelf… you can see the flowers reflected here.

sunflower sm

Sunflower Reflections

The sunflower is a strong, deep yellow.  My second capture is of a more delicate, mellow yellow fellow. I took this on our ranch in McCall, Idaho in the summer of 2012. Butterflies surrounded me and I was snapping away… they were so quick I wasn’t sure if I caught any of them. When I downloaded them I found this delicate thing sipping nectar.

mellow yellow

Summer Sipper

This last photograph says Southern California to me. At this time of year we simply go out to our back yards and pick a few lemons or oranges from our trees and enjoy them in cooking, juicing or eating. These are lush Meyer lemons our good friends picked for us to take home after a great dinner and delicious conversation. I experimented with the Color Splash app to highlight the mellow yellow effect.

Mellow Yellow Meyers

Mellow Yellow Meyers

There is something so cheerful about the color yellow for me. It lifts my spirits and brings a smile to my lips. Please visit A Word in Your Ear to see more wonderful explorations of the word yellow and to join the challenge if you wish.

As always I welcome comments on this or any part of my blog.


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