photo (1)Ok, so yesterday I decided I would write a blog today about Thank God it’s Friday… but now that it’s Friday I keep procrastinating and doing pretty much everything BUT write.  Pretty soon it will be happy hour for all you 9-5′ers and I’ll still be stuck here at the computer because if I’m publishing a blog about TGIF it really does need to be published on Friday, right?  But instead all day I’ve been playing on Pinterest… getting a haircut… playing on Pinterest… coloring my hair… playing on Pinterest… painting my nails… you get the picture.

Maybe my hesitation has been because Fridays have changed for me since I “retired”.  I don’t have the same sense of impending release I had when I worked at an outside job 40 hours a week.  As a working artist all of my days are free… or rather all of my days are working days.  Actually, I think I work longer now than I did when I was going to a job.  Of course the big difference is I can work in my bathrobe with no makeup on! ;-)

I realize that there is another huge difference… I am doing something I absolutely love and the inspiration floods through me, invigorating me not exhausting me.  I used the term “impending release” for how I used to feel on Fridays as quitting time came closer and closer.  I’m trying to pin down why I used that term.  Release from monotony?  Release from having to make money doing something my heart’s not in?  Release from following someone else’s rules?  All of the above and more?

I know that a lot of you reading this are doing that 9-5 thing and some of you love your jobs, and some of you hate them, and everything in between.  It occurs to me that the end of a work week with that sense of needing to celebrate can simply be that… extoling a week well done… or at least DONE.

Back to TGIF for a self-employed artist… Friday means my hubby gets “released” and life becomes about US for the weekend.  So you see, TGIF still has meaning in my life.


P.S.  Check out my accompanying blog – TGIF Drink Recipes and please contribute!

P.P.S.  Check out my Pinterest Board where I continue to collect images that relate to TGIF: FireBonnet’s Board TGIF

P.P.P.S.  While finding images for my TGIF board I realized one of my favorite artists has some GREAT happy hour stuff… check them out!  William Patrick is such a fun storyteller (click on his name to go to his fabulous online gallery).

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  1. FireBonnet Post author

    William Patrick on May 31, 2013 at 1:35 pm said:
    Every day can be a celebration if you let it! And thanks so much for featuring some of my beer and wine images

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