Spring: Bring out the Umbrellas

The WordPress photo challenge prompt this week is Spring and I am featuring umbrellas… but not for rain, for sun!

We live in Southern California and winter here isn’t about snow, sleet or bitter cold. It is about crisp, chilly, occasionally foggy and sometimes rainy. There is certainly sun, but it is a welcome warmer upper for the cold air.

Spring for us then, is the time when we start sitting outside at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Ojai when we brunch on our motorcycle rides.

spring 6

The open umbrellas are such a cheerful and happy sight.


We sit under our umbrella to shade our eyes, but let the sun warm our backs after the brisk ride.

spring 5

As we warm up we are glad to scoot under the wonderfully colorful umbrella for shade from the light and the heat.

spring 2

I must admit, this year I would have loved to use the umbrellas for rain protection… we haven’t had enough and are facing a drought. Any of you northerners want to send some of your snow run off down here?


As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. :D


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12 thoughts on “Spring: Bring out the Umbrellas

  1. Thanks Y! And yes I almost felt embarrassed about how easy our winter and spring were. But I’m afraid we’re in for it now with the heat, Santa Ana winds and drought. Ah well, trade offs.

  2. I love that one too. It was an instagram post a few days after the ride. Of all things the water droplets were in instaframe!

  3. Beautiful umbrella photos! I love the different perspectives! Wish I could send some of this northern run-off and rain your way.

  4. delightful post – and highlights the warmer spring you get – and sun umbrellas are just “cool” – keep you cool and most have a nice look to them! I like your up views and the water droplets – 🙂

  5. I love the photography you’ve posted! I am in love with photography especially landscapes and scenery and I love to find other peoples photography. Very nice!

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