I found some fungi in the back yard to feature for this color filter experiment.

My co-host of this Snappy H’appy Challenge, JX at weliveinaflat, begins week six by saying:

Welcome back to Week 6 of the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge hosted by weliveinaflat and firebonnet 😉 This challenge asks you to (1) share a good photo that you took or edited last week, (2) run it through a photo app on your smartphone or mobile device and share with us the result. We’re back to the theme of Colour this week and we will look at Colour filters.

She then goes on to show us, in the most delightful way, how to go about this. I highly recommend reading her post for the information she provides (here).

As many of you have probably noticed, I have a tendency to go over board when it comes to using digital apps. I try all sorts of apps and I do lots of treatments of the same photo(s) just to see what cool new look I can come up with. And I have no problem going over the top with them too! I consider it play, and have a great time doing it.

So, I’m surprising us all by using just one image… and one color filter this time. Gasp!

fungi original
Original fungi taken with an iPhone 4, slight edit in Snapseed.

In all the time I’ve used Pixlr Express for edits, I’ve never been able to find a use for the overlay series called Olga. I finally used it! Here is the above image with only the overlay Olga/Dragomir on it.

Fungi with Dragomir overlay in Pixlr Express
Fungi with Dragomir overlay in Pixlr Express

I’m happy with the small difference (yes, I have my subtle moments… 😉 ). But don’t worry, I’m planning on going over board again soon since I just found this really awesome new app… oh and I have lots more pix of fungi!

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. Please head on over to my co-host in this challenge, weliveinaflat and see the rest of our awesome Snappy H’appy crew:  Melinda (1stWorldDog)Christy (Sassmuffins)CompletelyDisappearGretchen (Zeke’s Adventures)Meg (Little Dogs Laughed)Blogagaini and Mary (RoxyTheTravelingDog).


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14 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy #6: Color Filtered Fungi”

  1. I’ve seen that on Instagram as well. I’ve even used it myself. As you say, sometimes the shots are simply perfect as is.

  2. The differences are subtle but they are there. I am loving Mextures because you can create your own filters, and can be subtle or bold with them because of all the adjustments provided in the app. I also see on instagram folks will sometimes label “no filter”, and for some photography you just don’t want that heavier touch. Like you, I tend to do more rather than less most of the time!

  3. Definitely a very subtle difference, but I sometimes find that just that little bit of warming up for the image can make it look so much more inviting 😉

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