Sky Sweeping Magnolia Tree

I began writing this post in response to the WordPress Daily Post’s photo prompt Half and Half, featuring my photo of a magnolia tree against the intense blue of the California sky.

magnolia blossomsTo my surprise the photo took on much more meaning for me when I looked for a quote to go with it…

The most important thing I can tell you about aging is this: If you really feel that you want to have an off-the-shoulder blouse and some big beads and thong sandals and a dirndl skirt and a magnolia in your hair, do it. Even if you’re wrinkled.

Maya Angelou

For me this year has been about moving gracefully (and often not so gracefully!) into the third stage of my life. I am learning to embrace the changes that are happening to my body (that big M). And surprisingly enough, I’ve had some rocky moments getting used to being retired! I take great comfort in this quote by Maya Angelou. She is an amazing example of a woman who has embraced every part of her life.

Not only does my photograph show off the beauty of the magnolia blossoms reaching for the sky, but it now represents for me the delight I am discovering in being a ‘juicy crone’ as Jean Shinoda Bolen calls a fully actualized woman in this third stage of her life (Goddesses in Older Women). The moon is an added bonus… in so many cultures the moon represents the power of woman in all stages of her life.
If we become juicy crones and not merely older, then this is a time when we are wiser and more appreciative of the good that comes our way, including knowing how lucky we are to be alive and healthy.
Jean Shinoda Bolen
The magnolia tree is one half of the photo and the blue sky the other… just as it is reaching toward the sun (and moon!) I am reaching for the full woman I want to be, with deep roots, beautiful blossoms and reveling in the light and the night.
As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. Take care…

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