Remembering Horses

my pony cropI messed up my blog earlier this week and had to get help from my oldest son to recover it.  As you can see he was successful and I am eternally grateful.  With relief I checked to make sure everything was still there and I reviewed all the previous pages and posts I did back in 2011 that I’d made inactive.  I found some that I thought would be fun to share again.  Here is one close to my heart.  Although my current favorite form of recreational travel is cruising on a motorcycle with my sweetheart, I look fondly on my early years when I was horse crazy…

I was lucky to have been given a pony when I was little.  As I grew older we had Morgan horses (awesome breed).  I scanned these photos to remind myself of the true joy I had learning about and living with horses in my youth.

Of course all my horse memories have a rosy glow to them now…   even the one where I got yelled at for leaving the water on all night…   during a New Hampshire winter…   and the horse trough overflowed…   and we woke to a skating rink between the house and the barn…. but hey!  I was a kid!  😉

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