Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.

Eileen Caddy

My greatest challenge at the moment is getting out of my head and ‘seeing’ with my heart. I am an introvert and live much of my life within the wonders of my mind (feel free to chuckle at that). Yet as an artist I know that is limiting and ultimately frustrating. When I center myself in my heart, the beauty of this world in all it’s glory and chaos fills me with delight. Further, the heart connection opens me to my spirit, filling me with the brightness of life, and inspiration is everywhere.


A bouquet of wildflowers from our ranch in all their splendid color, texture and whimsical delicacy.


The same scene as above, focusing on the majestic Blue Spruce through the window.
The same scene as above, focusing on the majestic Blue Spruce through the window.

Photography is one of the things that moves me easily from head to heart, and nature is another. Combined they are healing to my physical body and my soul. Logical reasoning gives way to connection and inexplicable revelation. Perhaps each morning I should take my camera outside to start the day with my heart and not my head. 😉

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. Take care…

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7.31.15 Inspiration


7 thoughts on “Ratiocination to Inspiration”

  1. That is so true Raewyn! I carry my phone all over the house with me… of course the minute I don’t I see a perfect photographic moment! lol

  2. Genevieve, what a lovely compliment. But those are two different photos, taken one after another with the different focuses. I should probably make that clearer!
    Thank you so much for the extra push to get me outside with my eyes and heart!

  3. It’s amazing what you did with that picture! You should definitely start every day outside with your camera. Nature is a great way to get out of your head.

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