Random Moments of Delight: Two Cats and a Cattledog go to School

This week my two cats and a cattledog went to school. They enrolled in Writing 101 at WordPress’s Blogging University, and finished their first week of assignments on Friday.


Many of you know my fur family, Tuxedo Jack, Buffy Cat and Cooper the Cattledog from posts on this blog. Some of you know they have their own blog, 2catsandacattledog.com. It’s hard to admit to you, and even to myself, that I write all the posts for those 3 characters. Each of them has an individual personality that translates into thoughts and words in my mind. It’s an amazing thing and I treasure them and the process.

I am taking this year to further develop their blog, and setting themes for each month. The theme I chose for September is ‘Back to School.’ Low and behold WordPress started a Writing 101 class on the 7th. So, I decided to challenge us all and enroll the blog, 2catsandacattledog, in the class.


The folks at Blogging U send us a writing assignment 6pm our time the day before it is due (weekdays only). If I were participating on this blog, I would write in my voice and it would be relatively simple to complete the course. But my cats and a cattledog each have their own voice, and I had to choose which one would do the assignment, then write it.Untitled-1

Challenge? What challenge?

I am pleased with the five posts they I did, but I am very glad for a weekend without a school assignment. AND to write in my own voice in this post. That said…. I’m going to brag about the five posts we wrote in this post. 😉

Assignment 1: I write because… Buffy Cat came to mind immediately since she is actually the most prolific of the three with all her haiku.

Buffy beautiful

Writing 101- I Write because… by Buffy Cat

Our first assignment in Writing 101 is: I write because… Since Jack and Cooper wrote ‘why do we blog in our intro on our blog, it’s my turn! … (Click on the link of the title to read the whole post.)

Assignment 2: Write a list. Tuesday is usually Cat-tledog comic day so I decided Cooper could write that one. It was a time intensive post since I had to make the comic as well as write it and find the photos. A long day!


Writing 101, a Comic, and 6 Things I’ve Learned About Cats

Cooper the Cattledog here with the next assignment in Writing 101: Things I’ve Learned. And since it’s Cat-tledog Comic Tuesday, I’ve listed them in a comic. …


Assignment 3: One-word inspiration. They provided a list of words and as soon as I saw the word treasure I knew Jack would write the post. And the form would be to use each of the letters of the word for the first letter of something he loves.


Writing 101 – One Tuxedo Cat’s Treasure

Philosocat Jack here with the third assignment in Writing 101: a one word prompt, and I chose the word Treasure from the list. …


Assignment 4: A story in a single image. It was Buffy’s Haiku Thursday so she took this assignment. She always uses an image of herself to go with her haiku. This time she used one of the images provided by the school.


Buffy’s Haiku Thursday: Writing 101 and a Story in an Image

Buffy Cat here with my usual haiku, today inspired by the 4th assignment in Writing 101: A Story in an Image. …


Assignment 5: Let social media inspire you. Five tweets were provided for us to choose from, as inspiration for a post. The word procrastination was in one of the tweets and I thought of Tuxedo Jack. Cats do such a great job looking like they are procrastinating without guilt.


Writing 101: Procrastinating Chills the Cat

‘Not Procrastinating’ Tuxedo Jack here with the 5th writing assignment for our blogging university class: Let Social Media inspire you. …


What fun we had this week. I say we instead of me because they are truly in my psyche when I come up with and write a post. And I am giggling with the thought of 2 cats and a cattledog in writing school.

firebonnet laugh web

I hope you take some time and visit one or two of their posts. They are short, not like this one 😉 . And if you’d like to read their Writing 101 posts for the next three weeks I recommend signing up to follow them by email. This form subscribes you to 2catsandacattledog.com. You will be sent a confirmation email, so don’t forget to confirm to get their peemail (they won’t send pee, they promise). If you don’t get an email within a few hours, look in your spam folder …

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As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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