Random Moments of Delight: Too Many!

I’m taking too many delicious photos to be able to show off everyday!

I am on day 22 of posting a photo I took that day with a quote. It’s a feature I simply call, Feel Good Photo Day x. Well, now that I have a new iPhone 6s I am taking many delicious photos everyday. Most days it’s hard to pick which one to use for the photo of the day.

Today I decided to post all the best photos I took this week that didn’t make it to the Feel Good Photo of the Day. All are taken with the iPhone 6s and edited in PhotoToaster. In no particular order:

too many 2






Reflection of my office…




Camouflaged bird’s nest.







This golf ball is miles away from any course…





Yes, my cat Jack goes on walks with Cooper and me.

I think I’d better come up with better organization than I have now for the many photos I’m taking! I will be returning to them to find more images to edit and transform. Do you have a way of organizing your photos? That works? 😉

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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9 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight: Too Many!

  1. SarahC

    Goodness, I am enjoying! I need to digitize the oldies i have to use on my blog 😀 maybe I will do this week hmmm since next week is another couple classes starting.

  2. Linda, Shenandoah Valley

    Cool cat! I name my photos by subject when I transfer them to my hard drive using Adobe Bridge. I keep them in folders by month. I’ve made sporadic attempts to organize them by subject but who has time?

  3. nharvey

    I am so impressed. Many of these were a delight to simply stare at. You have a great eye for detail and composition. As for organization, I could probably do better as well, though I’ve been worse. I’ve given up labeling everything. Instead, I have a folder for each year, and a sub-folder for each month, and I just throw everything in there chronologically. That also helps my memory as I look back on them. Sometimes though, I’ll transfer or copy something to another more specifically labeled subject folder.

  4. Mary

    Those are all nice photos, I can see why it would be hard to choose. I take more photos than I can possibly post sometimes too. All my photos are organized in Lightroom.

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