Random Moments of Delight: Poet Puss Publishes

It thrills me to announce that my haiku writing puss, Purring Poet Buffy Cat has published her first Kindle e-book.

buffy book cover

buffy portrait webFor those of you who don’t know, I have a cat who writes haiku. She has been writing poetry for two years now and has over 30 to her credit.  She posts them on her blog, 2catsandacattledog.com.


Jack, the other puss in the 2catsandacattledog team encouraged me to help Buffy publish her work.

Catrepreneur Jack and agent extraordinaire.

Catrepreneur Jack and agent extraordinaire.

Over the past few months I’ve developed a drawing style that works with the simple grace of the kitty haiku. I tried a few of the drawings out on 2catsandacattledog blog and got some wonderful encouragement (thank you Genevieve from Cupcake Speaks). AND my creative BFF Rebecca just published her third children’s book on Kindle (Park Hopping with Burt the Bunny) and is rooting for me! I decided it was time to take the publishing plunge.

I started all the drawings on my Samsung Galaxy Note II tablet (it has a stylus for drawing) using the awesome app, Autodesk SketchBook.


Then I opened the drawing in Pixlr and added a frame. I thought the idea of ripped paper would work well with simple line drawings of the puss.

buffyku10 buffyku11

Once I had the framed drawing I took it to Photoshop Elements. I designed a subtle colored and slightly textured background for the page in the book and plugged each drawing into it and saved each as an image (jpg).


I designed a matching blank page for the text.


I used Kindle Kid’s Book Creator to put the book together for publication. The learning curve wasn’t too bad for someone like me who’s been working with things like PSE and art/photo apps for many years. I had a good experience with it.


I took advantage of the ‘pop up’ text feature in the book creator. I wrote the text on the pages (love the font I found) and when the book is read on a supporting device you can double tap the text and it gets bigger.


I took a long time designing the cover. It’s a key marketing tool. It needs to catch the eye as a thumbnail in the Kindle store – warm, inviting and readable.

buffy book cover

I have two Kindles and previewed the book on both. Thank goodness I did because there were a few tweaks I had to make!


Here it is on the original Kindle Fire.


And on one of the first touch paperwhites… it’s in black and grey tones but still lovely as the line drawings come across fine. The pop out text works well for this smaller device.

My hubby was my adviser and made some great suggestions. Each time he did though, I would inwardly groan (or was that outwardly) since most meant I had to go through multiple steps to correct. One of the haiku is about our dog Cooper and hubby didn’t think the drawing I’d done was quite right. So I did a new one and we are all much happier (well, the cats thought we should stick with the dorky first one).

Cooper one.

Cooper one.

Cooper 2

Cooper two

The next step was to create an account on Amazon for self publishing, upload the book and decide on a price (argh… not an easy task for a newcomer).  Writing a description of the book was a headache (thank you hubby for help with this too). Finally last night at 9:44 pm MDT my puss’ book Buffy-Ku was available for sale.

I am totally wiped out! I think I’ll go take a nap with Buffy Cat… I’m still waiting to be able to make my author page and for the ‘look inside’ option to be enabled, but I am proud of our work and am hoping that buyers worldwide will enjoy it and feel good every time they read it to themselves or their kids.

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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6 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight: Poet Puss Publishes

  1. Meghan Post author

    Thanks n! We’ll see how it goes. I have a few other books to work on but we’re in the middle of heading off to Bakersfield, CA for the winter. Official snowbirds. I’ll get going on my projects in another week or so.

  2. Meghan Post author

    Soon, Cupcake, soon you will be in one of your mom’s books, just keep giving her the big beautiful puppy eyes you’re so good at. Thank your mom VERY much for the fantastic review, my mom is kinda blubbering over it she’s so happy. BTW Cupcake, your costume for Halloween was awesome. ~Buffy

  3. Genevieve Petrillo

    You’re a star, Buff. Your very own book! I can’t even get a stinkin’ lousy mention in one of Mom’s books! Anyway, it was worth all your assistant’s effort. Mom has already bought the book, read the book, LOVED the book, and reviewed it on amazon. Later she’ll read it to me. Great job!

    Love and licks,

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