Random Moments of Delight #1: Make Mine on a Motorcycle

Before we get to my motorcycle moments of delight, I want to introduce you to my first ever blogging challenge. My goal with this challenge is to motivate people to find those little moments each day that truly bring a feeling of happiness, delight, joy, rightness, alignment, bliss, knowing, whatever you want to call it. Then share those moments of delight with each other each week.  You could use a photograph, artwork, or a description; a video or a poem; a short story or essay, or a combination. Then link up here so we can share in each other’s happy moments.

The guidelines are simple:

  1. In a new post share a treasured moment from your week “illustrated” by a photograph, description, poem, short prose, short video, original artwork, whatever genre fits your moment.  If it is visual (photo or video), please tell us why it was special to you.

  2. Put a link back to my challenge so others may take part if they wish.  If you’d like to use the badge, please do.  Just grab the code:

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  1. Please use the address of your POST, not your blog, in the linky.  Be polite to others so we don’t have to look all over your blog for your post.

  2. The challenge begins today, Sunday, 1.5.14, but will stay open through Thursday, and a new one will begin next Sunday. I chose Sunday to set us up for a wonderful week of looking for Random Moments of Delight (RMoD)!


Now for MY Random Moments of Delight… Make Mine on a Motorcycle!
Deer Lodge outside of Ojai, CA

Deer Lodge outside of Ojai, CA

I have collected moments of delight for years now, and I have found that the moments multiply the more I notice them. So many wonderful things have come into my life in the past few years and one of those things is riding a motorcycle with my husband. I have written a few posts about it which you can check out here if you’d like.

I simply adore biking every weekend with my sweetheart. Saturday we rode up to Ojai, CA to a restaurant we’ve never been to. That was a treat in and of itself, with the interesting decor at Deer Lodge and a unique menu… yummy.

The magical moments are on the motorcycle ride itself, each ride with a unique flavor.

 Winter brown fields, sparkling sun sky, and sleeping orchards all in rows… grumbling belly going, fat and happy back. Motorcycle ride to brunch in Ojai.

Firebonnet tweet 1.4.14


Taken from the back of a moving motorcycle with an iPhone 4.

I’m happy to start this challenge with a post about biking. It is the first, but certainly will not be the last. My moments stretch into hours when I am riding with my sweetheart.

I’d love to have you join the challenge by putting a link to your post below (remember to link to the real post), and put a link to my post in yours so others can join.  Thank you for joining!  I can’t wait to read about your Random Moments of Delight.


6 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #1: Make Mine on a Motorcycle

  1. Motr

    Lucky you. The weather in our country is awful and I cannot ride my bike. Waiting for a sunny day so I can have a ride =)

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  3. Karla Akins

    Can’t wait until the weather is nice so I can ride my motorcycle again! Love finding out of the way places to get lost in! Great post and great blog hop idea!

  4. Me, You and Zu

    I’m so jealous! Motorcycle rides are so much fun. I can only imagine them through the California countryside. 🙂

    This challenge sounds like so much fun! I’m going to try and be more versatile this year so using art or poems will be a creative challenge. (Making the widget is super easy. I think the self-hosted dashboard for WP is similar to the free one so if you need help let me know!)

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