Random Moments of Delight: hoops and yoyo Memories

As I was unpacking my ‘office’ box yesterday, I found my hoops and yoyo dolls and it brought back delightful memories.


hoops and yoyo

I discovered hoops and yoyo in 2004 before they got famous. When I was an administrative analyst at Cal State Bakersfield, my friends and I would send each other e-cards for holidays and general cheer me ups. Hallmark ones were my favorite… and it wasn’t long before I found h&yy and never looked back.  This is one of their earliest:

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to give and receive h&yy e-cards, holidays were especially giggly. When the folks at Hallmark realized that h&yy were appealing to the office crowd they began making e-cards for us. There are so many great ones I had a hard time picking, but this one was always a favorite with our group:

Somewhere along the way, as hoops and yoyo became more popular they started selling merchandise and my BFF (who also worked with me) and I got our own sets of hoops the cat, yoyo the bunny and piddles the ?. Whenever one of us was gone on a vacation we never knew what our office might look like when we returned…

hyy desk mess

As they gained in popularity, the dolls would show up in fan photos from all over the world. In front of famous buildings, at the local bistro, on a nature hike, you name it they were there. What fun! In 2006 I decided to do my own hoops and yoyo photo shoots and this gallery is the result.

As I was writing this post I spent way too much time at the h&yyYouTube channel laughing my a** off! I invite you to head over there when you need a pick me up. Their videos of the days of the week are hilarious, Depressed Monday, Treat Tuesday, Sarcastic Wednesday, Second Guess Thursday, I Don’t Care Friday and we can’t forget Spastic Colon Sunday, you can find them all on their web page HERE.

I’ll end this post with a video I don’t remember seeing before, but it hit my funny bone today. Part of their holidays collection (it is long but worth it).

If you’ve never heard of hoops and yoyo then I hope I turned you on to a new delight. If you have I hope this brings back fun memories for you. And for all of you I hope this post made you LAUGH! 🙂 (I bet you still have the donut song in your head! lol)

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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6 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight: hoops and yoyo Memories

  1. nharvey

    Never heard of these before, but they are adorable. And I’m pretty sure the blue one is a mouse… looks most like that in the first video.

  2. eschudel

    I think I discovered them around the same time as you. They still make me laugh (even though you have to pay for them now…) Thanks for mentioning the YouTube channel – I will have to check that out!

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