I’ve finally found an answer to my coffee conundrum after years of looking.

I am an addict… I’ll admit it right here. Java, joe, forty weight, hot stuff, whatever you call it, I love it. And like most coffee addicts I am picky about my beverage. I’m partial to cafe mochas. When I worked in Bakersfield we had a cafe right on campus that made delicious mochas and I became hooked.


So hooked that I bought a machine and started making my own.

coffee machine
Peet’s makes the best chocolate syrup!

When I retired and moved down south to live with my fiance, I wanted to find a coffee shop that would make great mochas, had free wi-fi, and would be a bustling place for me to come to in the mornings to fulfill my need for human interaction. It took me a few tries.

I finally found a local deli that made a good mocha, had a family atmosphere, and just enough bustling energy to help me get used to not going to work every day.

But a few clouds appeared on the horizon… #1… cafe mochas are expensive! #2… I was suffering from arthritis and the sugar in the mochas bothered my joints. #3… it’s pretty easy to tip the calorie scale by drinking 300 calories a day just in one drink. So, I decided to try some alternatives.

Meet epic fails #1-#3:

Then I visited McCall, Idaho, spending a month with my honey on his ranch. I found an awesome coffee shop that made terrific mocha’s (and had wi-fi) and spent almost every morning there in July of 2012 AND 2013.

Ok, so this didn’t help any of the three problems above… it was just that since I was on vacation I didn’t care! After July 2012 I was still in love with the calorie laden, sweet and chocolatey beverage made at my favorite deli… and admit to being a little obsessive taking Instagrams of my java.

When I came home from our Idaho vacation in 2013… and REALLY tipped the scales… I decided I’d better get a grip. Not only was I overweight, but my joints bothered me when I ate sugar (and wheat- a story for another time), and since I’d just had a hip replacement, I didn’t want to have to do THAT again. I needed a solution. I KNEW I loved coffee and wasn’t willing to give that up. I KNEW I had to have a decent amount of milk in it for my tummy. I KNEW it had to be nice and hot (temperature for me is VERY important- unless you’re going iced). I KNEW I didn’t have enough money to  buy mochas or lattes from a cafe everyday.

So I started trying substitutions.

Granted while I was trying to be ‘good’ I did let myself indulge on our motorcycle rides. I drank the amazing mocha at the Marmalade Cafe in Malibu, and had your basic cuppa joe with fake vanilla creamer at whatever other cafe we visited for brunch.

So what does all this have to do with a moment of delight this week?  Well, I realized I’ve finally come up with a coffee solution that meets all of my needs!

I start with great java, add steaming 2% milk, three teaspoons of hazelnut flavored agave nectar and pour into a stainless steel travel mug. That’s the clincher, I found a mug that keeps my liquid love at the perfect temperature for 45 minutes! No kidding (here). I’ve had bits and pieces of the recipe before, like the Peet’s coffee, and the agave nectar but it’s the combination of the right amount of milk and nectar and keeping it hot that finally came together this week.

coffee solution

I even took it to our favorite deli yesterday and wasn’t jealous one bit that Tim was drinking a mocha and I wasn’t. I’m a happy girl! How about you? Are you a little obsessive about your morning drink?

coffeetall center sign
I Heart Coffee Cards

I’d love to hear your random moments of delight. This challenge (or rather non-challenge) is about sharing special moments  with each other each week (read here for more info). Please put a link back here, in your post, so others may take part if they wish. And visit other people’s moments of delight!

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. Now I’m off to make my coffee. 😉



20 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #9: Coffee Conundrum”

  1. Sure and I swear you don’t sacrifice anything; it’s what I try to do 80/20% and have been gastric reflux/tummy upset free for 2 years!!

  2. Awesome! All along the lines of the information contained in the book my folks have been following for brain health. . It’s called the Grain Brain. I don’t have many tummy upset except with the coffee but most certainly want to keep arthritis free. Thank you!

  3. For lower acid always use organic beans and espresso drinks are best . . . much better than drip coffee — try an americano. The chemex is also very good for lower acid– just google “Chemex method.” French press is pretty acidic and so is traditional coffee-maker drip. As for your tummy, I urge you to look into paleo/primal diets, steer clear of commercial yeasted breads and grains in general unless you sprout them (soak overnight in water); there are a number of good sprouted breads on market. Look into “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. Also BE SURE to eat your fermented foods — kimchee, sauerkraut (again, not commercially prepared — get them at a whole foods), fermented/cultured veggies, and RAW dairy. Kefir is wonderful and delicious and very very healing to the gut. Kombucha also good, and take a probiotic. I swear your tummy problems will be gone and you may also find your arthritis gone too.

  4. Yummy!!!! I hope you replace that mug soon… I was drinking my green tea yesterday in it and LOVED it. I hate lukewarm tea too… 😉 Love that sister from another mister…
    Tell me about the Chemex pour-over method. I do admit to having some tummy problems with the regular coffee. Is there a way to tone down the acid (?) but still get the flavor and caffeine?

  5. I’ve heard that one cup of coffee, just like a glass of red wine can actually be good for you… I’m sticking with that! 😉

  6. Darnnit I just wrote a lengthy response on my little iPhone and it errorred me, so here we go: Great post !!! It’s official, we are sisters from another mister. Boy could we work ourselves into whirling dervishes over our morning brews!!! I am soooo happy you found a mix you like! I have that EXACT mug for the EXACT same reason. Sadly, as i was riding my bike last week I hit a bump and it went flying out of the water bottle cage onto the street and the top was run over. So my husband is going to try to get a new one today. Our current brew for us mocha lovers who can’t do too much sugar: 80% STumptown Coffee by Chemex pour-over method, 1 Tbsp raw cacao powder, 1 chunk raw cacao butter, 1 Tbsp maca powder (gives a wonderful malty flavor), 20 % TEcchino “chocolate flavor” (roots like chicory, etc., nothing artificial) tea, plus raw butter (or milk) whizzed in the vitamix to frothy deliciousness. You have to come over so I can make you one! Cheers fb!

  7. Coffee everyday… but I confess I have no taste, am not a good one at making it… so its more a routine for me more than anything. Not good for health, of course! I need to quit!

  8. Don’t worry Justine! I am honored you thought about me for an award. You are a sweetheart. And yes, the chocolate brownie probably didn’t help! 😉

  9. That’s great, I used to drink coffee but hadn’t recently until I read someone else’s post describing her coffee and taking moments out in the day for just something, I ended up going down to the local café in the common and having my first coffee for years, wow it was good 🙂 But I am sure it was fattening, the chocolate brownie probably didn’t help. I am soooo sorry I didn’t realize you were a no award blog now, ouch, I wouldn’t have sent you a second one otherwise 🙁 Apologies x

  10. Being the coffee freak that I am, this post particularly intrigued me! Wish you lived by me so I could share a cup of joe and some convo with you! I agree about adding almond milk, what about coconut milk too?

  11. Sounds like a good alternative. Have you tried almond milk? I got hooked on that while eating “paleo”. I like straight up tea, or coffee with a little bit of caramel creamer.

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