I have a secret bookcase in the barn.

When I want to read something I head down to the barn, usually with company.

Cooper the Cattledog and Tuxedo Jack accompany me to the barn.

Upon entering the man-cave of a barn, I make my way to the light switch. I step over and around hoses, milk cans, paint buckets, hockey equipment, motorcycle parts, light fixtures… you name it we probably have it.


Then I head through the challenging maze that is hubby and his sons’ domain.

The one light in the back doesn’t do much but light the way to another switch, which lights the rest of the barn, but I can’t even reach it.

I take a right at the ladder, making sure NOT to walk under it.

Hint, the bookcase is under that blue tarp.

Watching my step, I make note of all the dangerous things on the floor (to remind hubby how many accidents are just waiting to happen) and head to the blue tarp that houses my secret bookcase.


I pull back the tarp to reveal my treasure trove of adventures waiting to be enjoyed.

Mysteries on the right, sci-fi and fantasy on the left.
Mysteries on the right, sci-fi and fantasy on the left.

I turn on my flashlight Assistive Light and take a moment to greet my old friends.


I never feel lonely if I’ve got a book – they’re like old friends. Even if you’re not reading them over and over again, you know they are there. And they’re part of your history. They sort of tell a story about your journey through life.

Emilia Fox

When I’ve chosen a book, or gotten the next in the series I’m reading, I close the tarp and head back through the haphazard barn (or is that hazardous 😉 ).


And head back up to the house, usually with company.

After the journey to my secret bookcase I READ! Usually with company.

It has taken me a few months of being retired to feel guiltless when reading a novel. Silly me! How can I say no to something that gives me such joy? Big happy sigh. Please share with us what YOU like to read, and if you have your own secret bookcase, or special place to read (or company!).

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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You may have noticed this is my 50th Random Moments of Delight post. After this one I’m going to stop counting… after all, I probably have 50 random moments of delight each week and could never share them all! I don’t need to count my posts to tally how many I’ve written anymore, it’s time for countless delights.

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14 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight (50): My Secret Bookcase”

  1. I need to head down there today for a new set of books, I hope my hubby has cleaned up in front of the bookcase for me … when you need a book you need aboo k! lol

  2. Wow that is a trip to take, almost a treasure hunt on your way to the secret case. Enjoying your post here, samcat says hello and tells you I am boring and have only left a couple books on the porch for him, and keep the rest inside 😀

  3. Yes we are! I love it here so much. Nature all around feeds my soul. We will be going south for a few months in the snowiest part of the year, but get to spend the rest of the time enjoying the changing of the seasons.

  4. I think they are Raewyn. Although my heeler still spends his days following me everywhere I go, even in this tiny house where he knows exactly where I am at every moment. What a character.

  5. Thanks Luann! I’m glad it inspired you. With our tiny house (600 sq ft) we have no room for books (except my Kindle lol). Luckily hubby’s barn has been kept up so the roof won’t be falling in and doesn’t leak… at least not over my bookcase! lol

  6. Hi Cupcake! Thanks for licking into the discussion. Yes, I have a Kindle too, and do a lot of reading on that. But I can’t afford to buy all the books I still have in my bookcase so I hike down to the barn when the mood hits. And the tarp is most certainly for all the dust!

  7. Lol. I am like you, books are my friends and I will read them again and again. I bet your pets are enjoying having you around all the time as well.

  8. LOVE your ‘secret’ bookcase. The barn on our property was old when we got it, and every time it storms, winds pick up and rattle the metal sheets on the roof. It would be a great place to store some books, but I’m afraid for that building just about every time it rains. Must not be too bad, though, because my FIL has stored gobs of long cherry wood boards for decades. *lightbulb moment* Bookshelves! :O) Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed myself!

  9. Mom’s secret bookcase lives inside her Kindle reader. And her company is ME. But yes, it is as constant (and adorable) as your company. You are smart to cover your treasures with a tarp. Judging by the circular saw blades and other dangerous equipment, it might get pretty messy and dusty in there sometimes.

    Love and licks,

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