Random Moments of Delight #47: Living Outdoors… Under a Roof

I have finally cleaned up our ranch porch enough to consider it another room, so we can be outdoors… under a roof!


This is the first view I ever had of the ranch house in the summer of 2012. The porch (still boarded up for the winter) is on the right.

When we moved in in mid May, the 350 square foot porch on the ranch house became the repository for boxes, furniture, and just plain junk! It was great to keep it all under a roof at that point.

Little by little, we moved furniture into the house (and sometimes out) and boxes unpacked or moved down to the barn for storage (it is very possible we won’t look in those boxes for a while, and if that goes on longer than a year, we don’t need what’s in them!).

There have been many in between stages in the past few months as the porch became livable again. I  put ‘junk’ on vintage baker’s racks we brought from Camarillo (there is no way of keeping up with piles of junk when you live on a ranch and have a haphazard husband).

I added flowers and dressed up what we consider the front entrance. I had fun adding a floating window complete with faux stained glass. I keep hoping that UPS will drop our packages off at this door, but they continue to use the other one. I am thinking I should put a ‘use other door’ sign on it!

I trimmed the very out of control shrubs in front of the porch.

If you look on the left you can see some branches I still need to trim to get an idea how tall that thing was.

If you look left of center you can see some branches I still need to trim to get an idea how tall that thing was.

I placed my exercise bike and favorite rocker on the north side of the porch to take advantage of the wonderful view.

Tim’s brother came to the ranch for a visit this week, and that prompted me to finish cleaning up the porch. It’s really great to eat under the huge roof, and still feel like you are outdoors.

Love this huge table and benches!

Love this huge table and benches!

There are still a few tangles on the other side of the porch. The couch we brought from California doesn’t fit through either door so we are storing it here under the roof for protection until hubby replaces the picture window (a planned chore anyway) and we’ll squeeze it through that way.

other side

Big ugly blue tarp over the couch and a few of hubby’s suitcases and containers from his last load from CA. 🙁 at least I neatened it up.

Last night hubby made his world-famous spicy grilled chicken and the family sat around the table and enjoyed the cool summer weather outside… under a roof.

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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10 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #47: Living Outdoors… Under a Roof

  1. Meghan Post author

    Right N? I think we are building our own cabin elsewhere on this property sometime in the next few years (this house really belongs to the whole extended family and should be available for visitors eventually). Anyway, it will also have a huge porch!!!!!

  2. Meghan Post author

    Thanks Mary! It is just lovely to go out and sit on my rocker with Cooper and Jack joining me and just chill or read.

  3. Meghan Post author

    I LOVE the window too Genevieve… we have so many windows like this in the barn I just had to do something with at least one of them. I have used that cool stained glass film on a few other non-floating windows in the house too! Love the touch of color…

  4. Anonymous

    Miss chatting with you but looks like you’ve had plenty to keep you occupied! Things appear to be coming together in the new home 🙂

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