Random Moments of Delight #38: Thrift Store Whisperer

This week I did it again, I headed to Goodwill for a specific item and scored!

I don’t know what it is, but I have amazing luck at thrift stores. Most times I go with just a general idea of what I need, like summer blouses, exercise clothes or sassy skirts and usually find a few of each.

Workout clothes I purchased over a few trips to the local Goodwill last fall.

A drawer full of workout clothes I purchased over a few trips to the local Goodwill.

I always keep an eye out for purses and shoes. I don’t always find something, but I know when the time is right the perfect shoes or bag will be there.

Cole Hahn loafers I found years ago... brand new. Well worn now, but still going strong.

Cole Hahn loafers I found years ago… brand new. Well worn now, but still going strong.

thrift whisperer6

I found these just a few weeks ago. They are incredibly comfy. When I looked up the maker it turns out they are Mizuno, a runner’s shoe that goes for $100-$160 new. They are gently used which only means they’re broken in!

Various purses I've found over the years and use all the time. The one in front is my motorcycle purse since it becomes a backpack and is washable.

Various purses I’ve found over the years and use all the time. The one in front is my motorcycle purse since it becomes a backpack and is washable.

I’ve had amazing luck finding specific items at my local Goodwill these past few months.

In late August I went looking for pillows for the couch and chair in our new motor home to make it more earthy, and warm up the beige neutral of the inside of the coach. (this photo was not taken in the motor home)

Three fun throw pillows and six African themed place-mats… all in one visit. $12 all together.

Three fun throw pillows and six place-mats… all in one visit. I think it came to $12 all together.

I upped the ante the next trip. I went there specifically looking for a set of Corelle dishes for our house on wheels. (They are lighter and not as fragile as china or stoneware, better for traveling.) I mean really? What are the odds of finding a matching set in a small Goodwill store on the day you go looking? While I was at it I pushed the envelope and decided I wanted a cat carrier too, for the upcoming move.

Low and behold I found Corelleware, 4 each small and large plates and bowls, in a soft off white. $14 total.

I did have to go through the whole aisle of dishes to find all the matching pieces… what a bother… tee hee.

And that cat carrier I wanted? In the aisle just behind the dishes… $12.

thrift whisperer4

It will even fit Jack, our 16 lb Tuxedo Cat…

Some of you may remember I went shopping when I got the job as a phone operator (RMoD #33: Gainful Employment.. One Ringy Dingy and RMoD #34: Fashion Parade). I bought dressy clothes for a receptionist’s job (a few at Goodwill btw). That temp job ended a few weeks ago, and I am starting a five-week assignment doing data entry in a manufacturing plant.

I don’t want to wear my dressier items in that greasy environment, and it’s quite cold in my area, so of course I headed to my go-to Goodwill (more like Goodluck) store. I found some heavier and more casual sweaters/jackets that work with the rest of my wardrobe. Two of them were even half off… cool … $2.50 each instead of $5 πŸ˜‰ .

Now drum-roll please:  I have to wear safety gear when I walk through the shop area to get to my office area… Anyone else think they could head to Goodwill for construction boots with reinforced toes and find them in your size?

Just call me the Thrift Store Whisperer.

thrift whisperer1



High Five


Oh, and my safety glasses only cost $2 at Harbor Freight…

What about you? Do you have luck at thrift or consignment stores? Perhaps much of my luck is the universe thanking me for all the donations I give in return! πŸ˜€

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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20 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #38: Thrift Store Whisperer

  1. catalinadelbosque

    I love this story, we call them Charity Shops here, and they are wonderful! I’m decorating our wedding purely with Charity Shop finds, looking for vintage English teacups and teapots to be filled with flowers for our table decorations. And when we’re finished with them, we’ll redonate them back to the shops they came from!

  2. Meghan Post author

    And then while we were walking Cooper, I told my husband that you commented to your husband… how fun it is! You have a great week too! I’m afraid my blogging my be really reduced with a FT job. But I need the moola…

  3. prior

    yeah, I know Lucky because my step-daughter used to wear them when she was in high school – and I was in Target last night and saw your white Corelle plates- and told my husband about your score! ha! that is when you know you luv bloggin – when your blog friend come up at the store – I also saw the new Keurig – it has a carafe – and a blog friend was just emailing me about K’s and so it was double blog friends on the mind all at the same store.

    anyhow, have a great week and peace πŸ™‚

  4. Meghan Post author

    Yes, in general I like Goodwill better than Salvation Army. But I have found some great stuff up in the SA in Bakersfield! Including those Cole Hahn shoes… go figure. You never know who is a GW bargain hunter. My son wouldn’t let me shop there for him except for Halloween costume items… until I found him a pair of Lucky jeans (in his skinny long legged size) for $7… Lucky jeans go for $100+ new. I haven’t gotten as great a deal for him since, but he’s willing to look now anyway. And you are probably right about our high consuming society…. I have to admit to needing some retail therapy from time to time… but now it only costs me $14 instead of $40 a trip! πŸ˜‰

  5. Meghan Post author

    Clothes shopping can be very overwhelming for me too. Pants shopping is the worst. One thing that helps me is I have a certain color palette I like to wear, and my Goodwill has tops sorted by color. So I can skip big patches of things like fuscia and stark white and olive green (to name a few). And I limit my time and only go when I have the shopping urge.

  6. prior

    you are the thrift whisperer – oh wow- and cool about how they had everything you were looking for – like the dishes especially – and I like the neutral white and I also love Corelle dishes. And while on the topic of thrift stores, I was shocked one year (think it was 06) when my step-daughter came to visit and was bragging about how she finds gems at her local GW. We just did not think that her mom would be the type to shop there, but I guess they went there for books and found that oner things were there. I do not like our local GW – because there is a different store I like in the Fan area, but I will say that GW’s are noted for their sanitary standards and that is so crucial with recycled stuff- and like you said – sometimes stuff is brand new. Also, I think in our high consuming society – so many people buy expensive clothes and grow tired of them so quickly -and so many times gently used really means that – or it means “close to brand new” – hm – anyhow, have a great week – πŸ™‚ <3

  7. Meghan Post author

    I know Genevieve! I was all over the internet trying to find a set that I could afford. Nada. I thank the person who donated their flawless set for me to find!

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