Random Moments of Delight #37: Jack Cat – Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire

Hello, Tuxedo Jack Cat here writing today’s Random Moment of Delight.

Catrepreneur Jack, jewelry designer extraordinaire.

I have worked tirelessly these past few weeks with Meghan aka FireBonnet to get my our new line of handmade beaded necklaces to the public. Finally this week they are up for sale on my our ETSY store, FireBonnetFantasies.


Jack-cat approved

I am Mom’s muse, and help her craft the jewelry (she’s the one with opposable thumbs). I supervise as she string beads, sitting quietly amid the boxes of beads placing my cat paw on the ones that I approve.


To celebrate the launch of my our jewelry line, I’ve Mom put together a video showing my design process.

For those of you who want more technical information: The necklaces in this line are made with combinations of gemstones, Lucite, wood, dyed wood, coral, mother of pearl, glass, acrylic, resin, metal, ceramic, crystal and porcelain beads. They are strung on earth friendly hemp cord, or mono-filament, which make them strong yet flexible. Often pre-owned jewelry parts are used to enhance the designs. Each piece is unique and cannot be duplicated since the materials are one of a kind. 

Launching this line of products has been a purrfect delight for me because as a Catrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to make money. Those cat snacks don’t pay for themselves you know. So, please buy my our necklaces…

 Oh, and here is a shameless plug for my “mug” on mugs at my our store FireBonnet Designs on Zazzle.

jack catrepreneur

As always Mom is pleased that you visited. Your comments warm her heart and put a smile in her day. I myself am unperturbed.

jack approved 6 logo

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Jack Cat – Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire

14 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #37: Jack Cat – Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire

  1. Meghan

    Thank you very much for your concern Cupcake. I am quite discriminating about what I put in my mouth, not like my canine companion Cooper. As was once said of Mikey, “He’ll eat anything.” Except for tomatoes of all things… ~Tuxedo Jack

  2. Meghan

    Thanks Mary… I see you’re selling your photography! Great idea, you take some fantastic shots. I didn’t realize you’re stopping with the jewelry though. 🙁

  3. Meghan

    Thank you! I’m getting pretty good at holding the iphone unobtrusively as I film… Jack is also a very slow moving cat so I didn’t have to try to capture fast motion! lol I’m also learning to edit better on my windows movie maker! My fall is having some ups and downs (ok unintended pun), but I think I’m in transition so to be expected. I hope you are having a good beginning of autumn as well.

  4. prior

    the video was brilliant. not sure how you captured all that – but wonderful stuff! also – your jewelry line looks great. best wishes with it – and hope you are having a nice start to fall. <3 🙂

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