Random Moments of Delight #36: Emma Meets Me, Her Mimi

Last weekend I missed my Random Moments of Delight post because I was in Portland, Oregon meeting my first grandchild, Emma!
emma 11
Photo credit goes to Emma’s other grandmother Derrilyn

Emma was born on August 5 so was about six weeks old when I met her. As you can imagine, I fell in love.

Photo credit Ian and Megan Swanson
Photo credit Ian and Megan Swanson (parents)

At six weeks old, Emma did the required baby activities: eat, sleep, squirm, fuss, poop, pee and cry… and I was able to witness them all!

Not only that… she had just started smiling, what a treat to be there for that.

Photo credit Ian and Megan Swanson
Photo credit Ian and Megan Swanson

It was such a pleasure to visit my son and daughter-in-law’s new home (they just relocated to Portland), as well as watch them as new parents (and fantastic ones at that!).

emma 4

What fun it was to see my son nurture his daughter, just as his dad and I nurtured him (he was our first). 

emma 3

Emma has an added bonus… her other grandmother is staying with them while she buys a house in Portland.  The family calls her the “baby whisperer”, and watching her with Emma I wholeheartedly agree! 

emma 8

She told me that I needed to choose my grandmother “name” now and make sure I get called it… often! She is called Nana, and that was the one name she did NOT want to be called. I’ll have to ask her the story of how that came about next time I see her. I decided on Mimi. Now I just have to wait for Emma to learn to talk!

Nana and Mimi with Emma, Photo credit Ian Swanson
Nana and Mimi with Emma, Photo credit Ian Swanson

While I was visiting I got to watch a photo shoot of the new family. Although my son and daughter-in-law are professional filmmakers and photographers, their specialty is weddings, not babies, so they engaged Roots Photography to do the honors. If you click on the image below, you can see Emma’s portfolio from that shoot, it’s awesome.

emma 5
Emma Lyn’s first professional photo shoot, done by Ginnie McMillan at Roots Photography

Emma was a trooper during the shoot and dozed and smiled (and fussed) for the camera. But in the end it wore her out.

emma 7

I am now inspired to start a “visit Emma” savings account so I can see (in person) this little lady grow and develop, and to make sure she calls me Mimi. πŸ˜‰

Photo credit goes to Emma's other grandmother, Derrilyn
Photo credit goes to Emma’s other grandmother, Derrilyn

Any new babies in your life? I don’t know about anyone else, but that new baby smell when I nuzzled her soft head melted my heart.

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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22 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #36: Emma Meets Me, Her Mimi

  1. Thanks! My job as a phone operator came to an abrupt end when a person on an extended (as in almost a year) LOA decided to come back… bummer. Ah well…

  2. you are so funny Meghan – laughing so much with that – toot whisperer – but whew – it is also so important because at any age – gas is not pleasant – and all the more when so young and only weeks old… and I hope your next visit goes great – and look forward to the report. πŸ™‚ It sucks living away from family – but it helps when we can visit – I also hope your job is going well. peace

  3. Having grand-dogs is the first step… lol. I’m glad that I’m of a generation who has more freedom in choosing my “handle”. I’m not stuck with the “grand” part if I don’t want it. My mom wanted to be called Gram with her first grandson, but he couldn’t pronounce it so she ended up “Pam”. And yes, babies smell delicious… well, maybe not ALL the time… ;).

  4. How fun to meet your grand-nephew when he was so “new”… They change so quickly. I’m already planning my next trip knowing Emma will be dramatically different in just a few months. And thanks for the congrats! The only truly magical thing I did while I was there was help her toot… twice… by softly rubbing her belly. I guess now I’m the “toot whisperer”.

  5. Awww! She’s amazing! And don’t babies feel and smell wonderful? Congratulations Mimi! I too have wrestled with what I’d want to be called as a grandma, and I haven’t been able to decide, even though I was asked when I got “grandpuppy.” I’m sure I’ve got a while before I really have to.

  6. congrats Mimi – and I love your choice of a grandma handle. Also – this post was mixing – and truly a celebration – and you just seem like a wonderful mother and grandmother – <3 <3
    also – Emma is so gorgeous and the collage let us feel a bit of her – so thanks – and love the one of you both with open mouths – so cute.
    and for me – well on my trip to Florida last February – my niece had her baby (a little boy) while I was there- he came a couple weeks early or I would have missed meeting him so early on – and it was so nice to be there for it.

    have a great week and safe travels. πŸ™‚

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