Random Moments of Delight #35: A Year in my Life… Published!

I spent 2011 taking a photo a day of my surroundings and experiences and created a visual autobiography of that year. I posted each photo to Facebook with a descriptive passage often more telling than the image. In 2013 I began a project to put all the photos and captions into hardcover books… and yesterday I finished the last volume.

Volume VI done!

I began the publishing process in 2013 when I got a coupon for a free 8×8 hardcover book from Shutterfly. It took awhile to do the books for two reasons: 1) I waited for more coupons for free books (I didn’t have the $30 per book to publish them all) and 2) it is a laborious process. Shutterfly must have been drumming up business in 2013 because I was able to finish four of my books within about six months.

2011 A Year of Daily Photos Volumes I thru IV, two months per book.

2011 a Year of Daily Photos Volumes I thru IV, two months per book.

So I wouldn’t get bored I did each book in a different style so that the design element kept me engaged as I did the gritty work of putting in the photos and captions. (click on any photo in this album to see them in a slide show)

Either I wasn’t paying attention or in 2014 Shutterfly wasn’t handing out too many free book coupons. Then last week I hit the jackpot and had a few days to put together two books to take advantage of the limited free book offer. So that’s what I’ve done this week and why my post is late today… I was creating volumes five and six.

2011 A Year of Daily Photos - Volume V

2011 A Year of Daily Photos – Volume V

I had forgotten how much time and energy it takes to do a book. Organizing the photos, placing them in the book to stay within the 20 “free” pages, cutting and pasting the captions from Facebook and adding interesting design elements was time-consuming but ultimately very rewarding.

I copied each caption from the Facebook photo...

I copied each caption from the Facebook photo…

Then pasted it into the book, adjusting the size and color etc...

Then pasted it into the book, adjusting the size and color etc…

But it was great fun to put together these two books, especially the last one… November was the month my now husband Timothy and I started dating for the second time, (see Happy Second ‘Second First Date’ Anniversary Sweetie! for the story) and December ends with our engagement.

2011 book 12

In a week or so my last two books will arrive and my library will be complete. Woohoo! Now I’m inspired to do another year of photos…

2011 book 13

If you are interested in seeing the actual photos and captions on Facebook, I put links to the albums on my Meghan aka FireBonnet page today… here.

How about you? Have you documented a year (or more) in your life? Would you ever?

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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#35 – A Year in my Life – Published

8 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #35: A Year in my Life… Published!

  1. Meghan Post author

    I admit Jes that the photo aspects of both my blogs are VERY time consuming, but being a visual artist, that’s much of the fun for me and actually drives my writing. Thank you so much for commenting!

  2. Meghan Post author

    Thanks Genevieve! I truly am considering it. It would be a great year to do it with us moving to Idaho and then also living in our motor home for the first time.

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