Random Moments of Delight #30: The Lazy D Country Fairy Fair

I just have to share this photograph and whimsical idea I had about fairies and a clothesline fair.

Yesterday we got back from our five weeks in McCall, Idaho and amid unpacking I thought I should write a Random Moments of Delight as I’ve missed the past few Sundays while on vacation.

A few nights ago I was reading in bed on the ranch and I could see our clothesline out of the window. All of a sudden I had a flight of fancy and imagined the laundry line as a country fair for the fairies.



The delighted fairies could play in Tim’s many overalls’ pockets.

Then dive into my striped socks, giggling as they shove each other around in the toes.

I can almost hear them screaming as they hang on tight doing a loop-the-loop on the clothespins.

Of course the tightrope walk on the line is only a challenge when the little rascals aren’t allowed to use their wings.

Sliding down the spaghetti straps to get their photos taken lounging in my camisole lace will be a big attraction (pale peach is becoming to all fairy skin tones!).

And finally they’ll blush as they play hide and seek in my undies, except those extremely bold and sassy ones – you know… the FireBonnets. 😉


Now it’s your turn! What should I add to the clothesline next year as more attractions to lure those magical creatures to the Lazy D Country Fairy Fair?

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. :D

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#30 – Lazy D Country Fairy Fair



22 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #30: The Lazy D Country Fairy Fair

  1. Meghan Post author

    No worries, it’ll wait til you get home. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was a slacker and not commenting! lol

  2. Meghan Post author

    Ok Justine I just commented on your last Fiesta Friday post… would you check to see if it went in the spam folder? (yes I would use a SKEA… I even backed it)

  3. Meghan Post author

    Thank you for noticing that… we had to put together a fairy ‘first aid rescue brigade’ after the ‘incident’. Hopefully all will be well in the future. Luckily fairies turn their noses up at lawyers so there won’t be any litigation. We gave her some cotton candy and she flitted off to play on the clothes pins.

  4. Meghan Post author

    what a wonderful idea Justine! Of course they need sweets and kisses…. I’ll make sure and include them next summer. 🙂 xoxox

  5. Anonymous

    I love this! However, I am kind of worried about the young fairy who got trapped in a deep pocket in Tim’s overalls…..couldn’t climb or fly out. Is she OK?

  6. eclecticoddsnsods

    I think you should put sweets in the socks and kisses on the dresses for the fairies and you know what I realized I did a random moment of delight last week even though you didnt so will add it this week with this weeks so two to go, grins..hehe….looks like your having great fun!

  7. Genevieve Petrillo

    That’s a great looking clothesline. I wondered about the empty clothespin. Loop-the-loop. Of course…. It’s a great playground – I think it needs a bandana slung like a hammock for resting when the fun is done. 🙂

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