Random Moments of Delight #24: Six Delights

This week was pretty nifty, I have six delights to share!

Here you go, my six things described in pics:


I drew something everyday… those of you who read my post Creative Mulling last week, will know why this delights me so. And I’ll tell you it felt wonderful to make marks on paper! (yes that’s Tuxedo Jack in the drawer)


zentangle 3

I finished a painting for my #2 son. It’s for a fund-raising event for his community theatre. It was his design and even though rusty with those paints, I’m happy with the result, and more importantly HE’s happy with it.


zen overalls

I went Goodwill shopping and found this pair of brand new overalls for $3… I wrote a post on Thursday, FireBonnet Found a Fairy Dress that shows the other bargain I found!



I found a really cool plugin, PlugNedit, for my blog that will allow me to do awesome design work right inside the editor. I was going to do this post using it, but the learning curve was steeper than I thought… it’ll be a while before you see a post using it!


zentangle 2.5

My BFF has said I would love zentangling and I finally decided to go for it. Even though I don’t have really good pens yet (ordered), I started anyway. I bought an e-book for instruction and I’m going through the lessons… I just finished #4. It is fulfilling and soothing and just plain fun.

And number six is:


zentangle 6


Tim’s been gone for 2 weeks for work! We haven’t been apart for that long since we started courting 2.5 years ago… 🙁 . But he came home yesterday and all is well. I missed him! (now you see why the bargain overalls are important to me – summer ranch wear!)

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. :D

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13 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #24: Six Delights

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  2. Meghan Post author

    What a wonderful delight that is!!!!! Nature is simply wonderful. And it’s wildflower time in the high country!

  3. eclecticoddsnsods

    awe that was a really smiley post loved it, so much information, the zentangles are fab and the cushy dog basket so close to you whlst you work, hubby coming home awwww…the list is endless, thank you for sharing 😀 xxxx ps love the dungarees, hehe x

  4. Mary

    Love the zentangle, how fun that looks. My delight this week is hearing the birds chirp all day, and being surrounded by flowers and trees.

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