Last week I had a surprise when I found a bee tree in my park.

Cooper the cattle-dog and I were on our morning walk when I heard a loud humming. I looked up and saw hundreds of bees buzzing around a blossoming pepper tree. What a delightful surprise. They fascinated me and I immediately got out my iPhone to take pictures.

The Pepper Tree


The best shot I could get of the busy fellows.

bee tree 3

Obviously I wasn’t going to get too close, and when I tried to take shots of them busy with the blossoms, the iPhone just wasn’t up to the task (I need to take my Lumix for the zoom next time). However… I did take video! And you CAN see them because of their movement. I put together a short movie starring one of my favorite bears… he loves his honey and goes right to the source!

If you can’t play this video the original is on YouTube (here).

Yes, as soon as I found the bee tree I immediately thought of Winnie-the-Pooh and his misadventures while looking for honey. If you haven’t read A.A. Milne’s classics, I suggest you do, you will be charmed (here).

Perhaps you caught the surprise in the video. It tickled me when I saw what I had captured, not just a bee or two but a fly-by by a butterfly!

Still shot from the video.
Still shot from the video.

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5.24.14: Twist.. something unexpected or a surprise like a BEE TREE!
5.24.14: Twist.. something unexpected or a surprise like a BEE TREE or fly-by butterfly.

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8 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #21 with a Twist: The Bee Tree”

  1. really fun post – and the video is so creative and just sooooo fun! love the integration of pooh – and the choice of music – ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a horrible thing to witness Paricia! I hope people wake up soon and stop decimating an integral part of our ecosystem. I’ve started noticing that other pepper trees around here (we have LOTS in SoCal) are blossoming and attracting bees. But some are male trees and they don’t attract the bees. It’s so interesting (a little googling helped me figure this out). It’s also intriguing that the trees are blossoming at different times. The “bee tree” I noticed still has bees all over it and others in the same park are just starting to blossom. I hope you have more and more bees soon!!!!!

  3. Thanks Mary. This morning I remembered to put a still of the butterfly in the post. I can’t believe I forgot it last night. ah well. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Thanks Genevieve. I know bees are scary for many people. I’m ok with them… they were so busy, they didn’t notice me… and of course I didn’t try to climb their tree like Pooh. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. How wonderful…a bee tree! I am happy to hear that bees are alive and well somewhere. The DDT that is sold in major stores is killing them. I have seen some in my garden, but about two years ago I watched them die at my feet. One minute they were happily sipping my flowers, the next they were on the ground, barely able to move and died, practically en masse. We don’t use pesticides. Our garden is organic. It was the year they were mysteriously dying in many places. The next year, I had none. This year, they seem to be making a comeback, and I pray it will last for many years.

  6. I have never heard of a Bee Tree. It sounds like my worst nightmare!! I’m Pooh-like, that way. Love honey, fear bees. I did enjoy the butterfly fly-by photo-bomb, though!

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