Random Moments of Delight #19: Meet My BFF

This week’s delight came from a wonderful source, my BFF.
Meet Rebecca St Croix Martinez... my goofy soul sister.

Meet Rebecca St Croix Martinez… my goofy soul sister.

Our relationship is and has been filled with moments of delight through the years. BUT, she now lives two hours away from me (I moved away two years ago) and… well … I miss her!


We met 12 years ago at California State University, Bakersfield. I was the administrative analyst for the dean of the school of science and math and she was applying to work in our office. I hired her (OK, so maybe the dean had a little say in it). That began days (and years) full of delight sitting in the office next to her laughing back and forth (yes the fun spilled out into the hallways and people loved the happy office).

The very first photo of my BFF Rebecca and me. circa 2002

It hadn’t even been two weeks when we realized we were soul sisters. You know, the kind of bond that happens mysteriously, yet so strongly you know it in your essence. We have been amazing friends ever since. We’ve shared everything from idiotic co-workers to huge life happenings (I lost my husband … she had breast cancer – 4 year survivor now!).

Rebecca and me after running one of many successful commencements at CSUB.

Rebecca and me after running one of many successful commencements at CSUB.

I have all sorts of photos of us at fun office celebrations, girl’s nights out, birthday lunches and of course dressing up for Halloween!

Rebecca started studying art when we were still working together. What a delight to share that with her (I have a degree in studio art). I absolutely love the pop art renditions she did of the two of us.

This week I am over the top with delight because I made her a BLOG! It all came together with magical serendipity. She is a budding children’s author, illustrator and self publisher (Crying Girl Press) and is just now beginning to look into her social media options. When I found out she wanted to blog, I let her know I’d be thrilled to design her a website, host her on my self-hosting platform, and even give her her own domain name for Mother’s Day. Who wouldn’t want their BFF as their blogging buddy?

Let me introduce you to Rebecca St Croix at Crying Girl Press (here):


It’s great to bring her into the blogging community. I know she will just love all of my friends here and make many new ones. I invite you to follow her as she gets the hang of blogging on WordPress.

BFF Rebecca and me at the last commencement we worked together, June 2012.

BFF Rebecca and me at the last commencement we worked together, June 2012.

Blogging with my best friend will be so delightful. My heart is just brimming with joy as we start creatively playing together. Big happy smile sigh.

Xoxoxoxooooxxxoo Rebecca! Welcome to the blogosphere.

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As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. :D  Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!


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5.10.14 Meet My BFF

17 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #19: Meet My BFF

  1. Adrienne

    Awww…this is so sweet!! What a wonderful tribute to your bestie! I’ve never had a best friend, but am hopeful that I will meet my soulmate best girl someday. It’s on my bucket list! Love all of your cool costumes! 🙂 I’ll be sure to check her blog out.

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  4. Meghan Post author

    Thanks so much Mara! It’s going to be a blast being creative partners! (and hey I found a blogging buddy too… we can certainly guest post on each others’ blogs) 😀

  5. Meghan Post author

    It’s really nice to connect with her in a more active way. Texting daily is lovely, but working together will be enriching.

  6. Meghan Post author

    Thank you above Mosswood Connections for the entry Road Trip Jealousy. It is a wonderful post about the joy (and humorous not so joys) of going on road trips with family. I love the post but am unable to comment on it. It is a great read and I hope you join in again and comment here to let me know how to log in to your blog space. Also, don’t forget to link back to this post so others can share in the fun, it’s part of the challenge guidelines.

  7. Meghan Post author

    How fun! That is wonderful… I’m sure we’ll be doing the same when we get together. Right now it’s lots of texts and emails and spreading laughter over the virtual halls.

  8. Anonymous

    What a priceless gift! My BFF and I learned to blog together, mostly poking and hoping and one or the other of us getting lucky, occasionally. Now blog-talk is a big part of our 4-hour lunches.

  9. Rebecca St Croix

    Oh my gosh!!!! I have (happy) tears rolling down my cheeks!!! We have so many wonderful and fun memories! Even the not so good memories seem to have happy laughs because you were there with your wonderful humor and love. What would I have done without you? I am so humbled that you shared your talent for putting together a beautiful blog for me and that you believe in me! Thank you, thank you! I’m feeling so amazingly lucky to have met you (it was destiny!) and even though we live too far away now – we have and will never lose our special soul sister connection! I LOVE you!!! I miss you!!! xxooxxoo

  10. Meghan Post author

    Thank you Justine! Just wanted to let you know to try commenting from Chrome now. I put up a little thing on my blog that pops up to ask if you will accept cookies. Perhaps if you say yes that’ll do the trick. Thanks for joining in again this week! I’ll be heading over to read in just a sec.

  11. Justine

    I love this post, it sure looks like you have had some fun over the two years. I miss my two girlfriends very much we don’t live near each other anymore, hoping to catch up with one in a couple of weeks though. Your pictures are fab and how exciting having your bestest buddy blogging along side you? hehe..the blog site looks fab I must look it up xx

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