Random Moments of Delight #18: Our Two Steeds

I had a wonderful moment of delight this week when we bought a new (to us) motorcycle.

We call our 2001 Honda Sabre Shadow 1100 our Trusty Steed. He is our special bike, the one we cruise around California and Idaho on. But he’s showing his mileage. Tim has been looking for another Sabre Shadow to replace Trusty Steed. He finally found one this week… and they accepted his offer, to our delight. We drove the trailer down to Fullerton on Thursday to pick it up.


2004 Honda Sabre Shadow 1100, our new bike.

We have a thing about naming our vehicles… Tim’s dual cab, 8 foot bed, F350 diesel truck is enormous and so we named him Clyde (for Clydesdale). Contrast that with our little Toyota IQ who we’ve called Tina, for tiny Toyota. And then our yellow and black Honda Turbo is named Bumblebee… self-explanatory. So before we even picked up the new bike I thought about what to name him. And it came to me in a flash… John Steed.

Do any of you remember Patrick Macnee? I do with some delight.

John Steed of the 1960s spy-fi series The Avengers (Patrick Macnee).

John Steed of the 1960s spy-fi series The Avengers (Patrick Macnee).

He was so sophisticated, dapper and competent. Nothing phased him. And for some reason that made him quite sexy. Of course some of the sexy could be attributed to Emma Peal, played by Diana Rigg.


When we brought the bike home, it was clear that John Steed was the perfect name. He (the bike) is elegant and subtle in his color, and sexy in his lines.

steed 7

He has subtle flames on his front fender and tank, a deep metallic gray.

steed 4

steed 2

Tim had a some work to do before putting our Trusty Steed up for sale. He changed seats (we have a custom seat), took off the windshield to put on our new Steed and cleaned up the old Steed. Actually Trusty Steed’s only three years older than John Steed, but he has 35,000 miles and John only has 2,500 (much to Tim’s delight).

steed 3

Tim preparing to put the windshield on our new cruiser.

Trusty Steed is for sale.

Trusty Steed is up for sale.

Tim is still cleaning and polishing our weathered gentleman, Trusty Steed, so that someone will come and give him a nice new home. In the meantime, John Steed is waiting for new registration and plates so we can ride him.

Steed 1

For a few weeks we will be riding Bumblebee as we anticipate with delight cruising on John Steed. Tell me, do you name your vehicles?

steed 9

Bumblebee, our 1983 Honda 650 Turbo (quite rare).

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5.4.14 Delight is our new steed.

15 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #18: Our Two Steeds

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  2. Meghan Post author

    It really is! You’ll have to check out my feature called From the Back of a Motorcycle. It has a photo I’ve taken on a ride coupled with short poetry I wrote on a ride.

  3. Adrienne

    Great post made perfect with all of the photos! I like the way you name your vehicles and cannot say that I do the same. Perhaps I will start… How wonderful that you ride all over California and Idaho; the scenery must be stunning.

  4. Meghan Post author

    You did it perfectly. I changed out of using thumbnails because I’m attracting writers and I don’t want to discourage anyone who doesn’t have photos in their posts. And you are never late… the challenge goes on all week! xoxoxo

  5. Justine

    ooh I just put my entry in, sorry was late, sooo much going on, the form seemed different so I didn’t get to chose a pic or anything I hope I did it right ? xxx

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  7. Meghan Post author

    That is too funny. Your dad was such a character. I can just see him whistling down the runway feeling like Tigger as he hops into the sky. So cool you dropped by and commented!

  8. Rebecca

    I love your blog!! John Steed is the perfect name!! My dad was the one who named all the cars, combines, tractors, and planes!! He named his plane “Tigger” after the Winnie the Pooh tiger which I think is hysterical since who wants to “bounce” down a runway on a plane tail? Needless to say, my dad didn’t care about that little image! lol!

  9. Meghan Post author

    Thanks Sue! I can’t wait to see the bike M gets… oooooo fun. I don’t think we’ll get to ride John Steed until we get up to Idaho. That’s where we’re registering him. 🙁 Oh well, it’ll be that much more of a treat.

  10. Meghan Post author

    I’m glad someone noticed the B&W theme to work with the TV Steed. Thank you! I LOVE “the Tardis”.. it makes traveling so adventuresome. Yes, we’ve had many a car that was called “little (color) car” and the other one “big (color) car”. Right now my Trailblazer has a split personality, he went through a gender change… she used to be called Pete but is now Piper. However no one remembers so she’s call “the Trailblazer.” lol

  11. sue

    Nice!!! love the tag, too “Bikerchick” I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of M’s bike so that I can post a RMOD. Congratulations FB!

  12. nharveyart

    I like the way you did B&W photos of your new Steed to reflect the B&W of the human Steed (remember loving that program). I drive a dark blue SUV which I secretly call “the TARDIS.” Hubby, who has the same model but a different year, kept calling it “the ’13” which I disliked. TARDIS was too much for him, so he’ll refer to it as “Little Blue.”

  13. Meghan Post author

    Well, actually, when we sell Trusty Steed, we’ll be down to 17 motorcycles. 10 here and 7 in Idaho … but only one other Steed. There is an amazing amount of freedom and joy when we ride… and it’s romantic.

  14. Eclectic

    Wow how exciting getting a new bike so when you have sold one you will be left with two? Your such a biker chic it makes me giggle I can’t imagine how nice it is to have the freedom and space as you do when you go out on one x

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