Random Moments of Delight #10: Love My Library

I did some work in my library this week and it was WONDERFUL!

The minute you walk in the door the peace and quietude of the space envelopes you.

Library 2

When I was a little girl I LOVED going to the library.

Five years old, on the steps of the coolest place ever... our li-bary.

Five years old, on the steps of the coolest place ever… our li-bary.

The one here in Camarillo (CA) has the most amazing children’s section… I would have adored it as a child.

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It can get really boring and tedious working at home every day, so I decided this past week to bring my tablet and new keyboard with me and work in the library.

Library setup

I even climbed the stairs for the first time (no arthritis now ,and my hip replacement is fully healed). And beautiful stairs they are.

library stairs

I feel so blessed to have all of this knowledge and beauty (and free wi-fi) available to me. I went twice last week, and plan on returning next week for more! What treasures a library holds, and what delight. (And of course I checked out books… who wouldn’t!)

As always I welcome comments on this or any other part of my blog. I’d love to hear your random moments of delight. This challenge (or rather non-challenge) is about sharing special moments  with each other each week (read here for more info). Please put a link back here, in your post, so others may take part if they wish. Add you link to the list below and visit other people’s moments of delight!

Now I’m off to read my library book…


All photos but my childhood one were taken by me on my iPhone 4.


11 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight #10: Love My Library

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  2. Meghan Post author

    I’m pretty sure I was a librarian in a past life! lol I’m going to have to see what the library is like in McCall ID this summer, since we’ll be retiring there in 2015.

  3. Meghan Post author

    It is a wonderful place to just be. Thanks for commenting! I always love your comments. And as long as your library has books, that’s still awesome!

  4. Paricia Brown

    Libraries are heavens here on earth. Yours is a stand-out. Sometimes, I become frustrated seeing all those books, many of which I will never have the time to read.

  5. Justine

    Wow that is quite some library, it is simply stunning. I love that style of architecture, has a Morrocon feel about it. Gosh you are so lucky I would spend hours in there if I had one like that LOL…I shall have to post ours on my Livingineastsheen.co.uk blog so that you can see how utterly chalk and cheese they are. I think atmosphere helps incredibly….I am positively green eyed..hehe!

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