Random Moments of Delight: Get Messy Art Journaling!

Meghan aka Firebonnet is back blogging and getting messy with a new project: art journaling.

This winter I am moving away from photography and digital art to work with my hands with materials I can touch! Hmmmm, what a funny time to choose to get messy when I’m living in a 320 sq ft space…

Our motor home set up ready to sew. Machine on the left, ironing board on the right. I’m not sure I want to show you what it looked like after one of my art journaling days! lol

I was on Instagram the other day and found a great group of people @getmessyartjournal. I had never heard of art journaling but the pictures of art journal pages that were posted looked so creative and fun I decided to join in.

What exactly is art journaling?

Ambiguous answer: whatever you want it to be! More specific answer: Art journaling is a notebook that you fill with drawings, paintings, thoughts, words, lyrics, photos, magazine cutouts, random ephemera from your life and events. It can be where you practice art techniques or sketch out big projects. It can be your journal where all things creative + all things emotional intersect. You can put in pretty things you find and want to keep or it can be where you collect and process through your darkest thoughts. It is where art and journaling meet.

Lauren Hooper and Caylee Greyvenstein founders of Get Messy an Art Journal Challenge

Although Lauren and Caylee’s newest art journal challenge doesn’t officially start until February, I couldn’t wait and am taking on a few of their past prompts in preparation. Why use a prompt? One reason is it gives me a focus, an idea to run with. The other reason is to get inspiration from other people’s responses to the same prompt.

Living in our motor home for the winter is challenging not just because of lack of space, but I didn’t pack very many of my art supplies for the trip. Collage takes a lot of diverse materials, and I keep thinking of all the stuff I have up at the ranch in McCall… that I didn’t bring! I remind myself that in April I’ll be back in Idaho and my art journal pages will look revitalized! πŸ™‚

I did go to Good Will and Wal-Mart to pick up some basic materials (old books, paper, glue!) and organizing bins. I have stuff tucked all over our RV now!

art supplies

I dug my printer out of the trailer and found a place for it in a cupboard. I have to tote my laptop over to it because I can’t get the wireless device to work and the color ink doesn’t work right… argh… but without challenges creating might be too easy right?


The first challenge I took on was picking a word for 2016 to inform (2.  give an essential or formative principle or quality to) the year… Blossom (verb) came to me and I embraced it.

blossom art journal page
BLOSSOM art journal page.

This particular piece took me three days of very messy collaging. It’s also full of personal symbolism to set me up for a meaningful year. On the bottom of the right page is an envelope… I plan to tuck inspiration and wish list items into it as the year goes on.  Those of you who know me will recognize Cooper the Cattledog (I’m going to clicker-train him this year) and one of my drawings of Buffy Cat (I plan to illustrate and publish Volume II of her haiku in 2016)… and there at the bottom left is ‘young me’ hugging my pony Queenie (I’ve had conversations with my inner child lately and learning a lot about big me and mini me). The green hand in the middle reminds me that I want to learn and practice Jin Shin Jyutsu as well as do hand crafts and art. The animals are some of my spirit guides and the flowers are my own photos. The quote I found couldn’t be more perfect:

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin

The quote on the envelope is one to read every day:

Your Inner Being demonstrates a never-ending willingness to continue seeing only your value and goodness, holding that Vibration as a place-marker for you whenever you are ready to align with it. Seeing you there even when you do not see it.


And as you can see, around many of the pictures are words of inspiration to keep me on track for 2016.

I can promise you not all of my art journal pages will be so complex! lol In fact the one I did yesterday is simply fun and sassy. Have you ever heard of blackout poetry? I hadn’t… but when I learned about it from Austin Kleon I thought it would be really fun! Basically you take something already written in a newspaper, book, magazine and find words in it that make a short poem and blackout the rest… Here is my first attempt using a page from a book I found at Good Will.

“I was exploring … a very warm response … with graphic presentations”

Many of the blackout poems I’ve seen have only the blacked out newspaper/printed page with the poetry, but when I discovered the poem within this page (the lips were actually part of the page) I colored Art Nouveau woman and added her… I love how it all came together…

My blackout poem with inverse colors using the iPhone app Enlight.

I’m off to find another prompt to create a new messy art journal page… do any of you art journal? Show us! Have a great week everyone! 

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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7 thoughts on “Random Moments of Delight: Get Messy Art Journaling!

  1. Thank you so much bettyl! it has matured so much through the years (BFA in studio art over 20 yrs ago) and yet the seeds of my style have been there all along.

  2. Thanks Genevieve! I can’t wait for the new Get Messy group to get going. At least I’m collecting materials and investing in more art stuff (too much!). I’m trying not to duplicate anything I have up at the ranch … keep that stuff for spring revitalization.

  3. Awesome Sarah, glad you’ve been inspired… oooo no internet, that’s hard. Although I’ve had to really manage my time on the electronic devices. I was way out of balance blogging so much as well as only doing photography and digital processing. So this year is about balance. The great thing about art journaling is there are no rules… especially when you allow yourself to be messy! πŸ˜€

  4. Wow that gives me lots of ideas for when I get a round-to-it put some keepsakes together, travel stuff, photos, i got busy with blogging though so ..someday :D. Glad you are enjoying this and the little camp life there.. I might be out of the home working out of state we have to figure out a few things and it might be a hobby to take up without internet there πŸ™
    so i can πŸ™‚
    p.s. SarahC on the blog but commenting from the facebook icon, trying new things always

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