Prep for Idaho & the Suitcase Saga

6.24.13. Goodwill? So I went goodwill shopping for the trip & got 13 items for $32. 🙂 The minute I draped them on the bed for a pic Jack & Cooper raced to claim the clothes. Very funny!


I feel like I performed surgery on these pants. As far as I’m concerned they should have had a non resuscitate order. But “they’re a great pair of jeans… I don’t care what they look like!” Says the absent minded engineer who is my husband. So I skipped the light thread and sewed the iron on patches with dark thread!


6.26.13. Prep for Idaho cont. Laptop ready… All bookmarks synced (go google chrome!) and bamboo tablet and external hard drive work without a hitch. Just have to live with PSE 6 instead of 8.


Suitcase saga. The cats are determined to make sure that since we aren’t taking them they send as much cat hair with us as possible. Jack does his best to stay away from the Buffy / Cooper dramas. Lol


6.27.13 Packing continues. Blankets, booze and revolving pets … Cooper got there first this time! 🙂


Laptop, check.. Bamboo tablet, check.. Kindle fire, check.. Other kindle, check (for reading in sun).. Samsung galaxy tablet, check.. Knock around canon powershot, check.. Last but NOT least, Lumix FZ35… Check. I’d have added my iPhone but I had to take the photo with something! 😉


It’s gotten to the point now where I’m having to pack around the cat! But sure enough if I zipped him in he’d want to get out… Cats.


We leave tomorrow at about 11 am… Stay tuned!


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