Phoneograpy: Nature – Tree Smile

I captured this shot of a live oak a few weeks ago and it seems to me it’s got a smile in its branches, what do you think?

Live Oak, taken with an iPhone 4 edited in Snapseed, ©Meghan aka FireBonnet

Perhaps her smile will encourage all my friends who still have snow and cold that spring truly is right around the corner.

I discovered something new (for me) on Pixlr Express and changed the image above into a drawing. Although she is colorless, the live oak still has a smile.

Live Oak, taken with an iPhone 4 edited in Pixlr Express with pencil stylization, ©Meghan aka FireBonnet

Live Oak, taken with an iPhone 4 edited in Pixlr Express with pencil stylization, ©Meghan aka FireBonnet

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. This post is in response to Lens and Pens Phoneography Challenge with the prompt of nature.


PS  I did this whole post, including the editing of the images, writing the post, inserting the images and the links, and then publishing, on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I now have a keyboard and a way to use a mouse, and I’m achieving my self-challenge to use the tablet to its potential!

14 thoughts on “Phoneograpy: Nature – Tree Smile

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  4. Meghan Post author

    I don’t know what kind of tablet you have but I got mine online for only $15 w/free shipping… it’s supposed to work for both ipad and android.

  5. Linda Arthur Tejera

    Great shot, Meghan. I just love these old trees. They have so much character. I love what you did with Pixlr. I just discovered it, too, and started to use it. That Pixlr-o-Matic has a bunch of fun stuff! 🙂

  6. Sally

    That’s grand that you worked through the use of the tablet. Good job. In this instance I am drawn to the color image. It does more justice to the grandeur of the tree, because of the contrast of the branches against the deep blue sky. Lovely. Happy Phoneography Challenge.

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  8. Eclectic

    Well done you on achieving so much with posting from your tablet I only post from my computer I don’t think I’m brave enough to do it any other way I think the change in platform would throw me lol so you’ve done fab.

    We have smiley trees I see it…how nice. I wonder if he knows the ginger haired smiley face near me x

  9. Lisa

    What a fantastic tree and my favorite color combination – blue, green and brown. :). Now I need to look at Pixlr…

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