Phoneography: Cattle Dog Kaleidoscope

Cooper the Cattle Dog here with an interesting post that I don’t really understand but Mom says is artsy.

Apparently, with the help of an app, I’m now multifaceted. I’m not really sure what that means, but I guess it fits today’s theme for the Phoneography challenge on Lens and Pens by Sally (editing and processing with apps). Honestly, I think it’s a little weird.

cattle dog

Original photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Edited in 1000 Filters and Pixlr Express.

See what I mean? A little weird huh? Although I do have to say I have mighty handsome cattle dog paws.

It’s OK if you want to comment. Please visit Lens and Pens by Sally this week as it’s editing and processing with apps.

~Cooper the Kaleidoscope~

15 thoughts on “Phoneography: Cattle Dog Kaleidoscope

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  2. Gemma

    This is great! I was messin’ with this kaleidoscope effect this afternoon with one of my little charges, and now here you are presenting it! Such fun! I LOVE IT,

  3. Meghan

    Awwww, gee, thanks. At least Mom doesn’t paint my nails like some dog people do… although it might look kind of interesting in this kaleidoscope.

  4. janet

    I almost used one like these. The iPad has an app like that and it’s a blast! I love how it takes something ordinary and recognizable and turns it into something strange.


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  6. Sally

    Oh, I adore them. They remind me of batiks that I did many decades ago. But you’ve used paws instead of cloth and dyes–marvelous. Happy Photo Challenge.

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