The Red Barn

I’m in love with a red barn.

red barn

iPhone 4, Pixlr

It’s on our ranch in McCall, Idaho, and filled with family history and vehicles in various stages of repair. You can see a few shots of the inside of the barn in my post about windows into the past (here).

The Idaho barn isn’t the first barn I fell in love with. My heart still remembers the one on the farm I grew up on in New Hampshire.

Not a phone pic and not taken by me… that’s my brother, Mom and me circa 1966 in front of our New England red barn.

If a farmer fills his barn with grain, he gets mice. If he leaves it empty, he gets actors. Walter Scott

In my case the above quote is true! Although we kept horses on the ground floor of the barn, I turned the empty top floor into a theatre when I was 10. The barn delighted me… my brothers and I had adventures in the empty middle stories; we performed plays on the stage we built at the top; and from below, the sweet smells of hay and horses intoxicated me.

The Idaho red barn holds a different magic for me.

It whispers to me of adventures from the past and adventures yet to be. It holds the motorcycle we cruise to far places on. It provides my husband with years of fun ahead of him just puttering. And it reminds me of the rural life I love so much, begun those many years ago in the mountains of New Hampshire.As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog.firebonnet email sig


19 thoughts on “The Red Barn

  1. sandyvern

    Love red barns as well!! And totally love the smell of the barn…hay, shavings, horses and leather…such intoxicating smells!!

  2. Meghan Post author

    I remember you saying she lived there. We don’t know Kevin and Julie, but I’ll have to go visit the nursery when I’m ready to put together my garden. I have no idea how to create what I want in that extreme of a climate. But that won’t be for another year. It’s always lovely when you stop by for a chat.


    Beautiful barn. I love them, too. McCall is such a gift. My daughter, Candace, lived there years ago. She has friends who own the Mountain High Nursery there…Kevin and Jule. You may already know them. I imagine you are counting the days until retirement there.

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  5. Meghan Post author

    I LOVE New England barns… and can only imagine what a painter might have created “on” or “in” it. We can’t wait to retire to McCall ourselves… that’s a year and a half away.

  6. sue obryan

    my little comment . . . it didn’t materialize! I really love red barns too, we found a cool one in Maine this summer at the Blair Hill Inn (Moosehead Lake) that was abandoned by a genuis bi-polar painter. His 2 cars are still there . . . like 8 years later. Also my best friend’s Mom had a home on the Lake in McCall and I went there once BEAUTIFUL . . . and her Dad now retired moved there from LA.

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  8. Sonel

    Oh, I just love red barns Meghan! I must have lived on a farm with a red barn in my previous life. LOL! We don’t have them here or at least I haven’t seen one yet. 🙂 Great shots and post! 😀

  9. Meghan Post author

    You are very right! The big blue Idaho mountain skies set it off perfectly. Certainly not as photogenic when it is gray and rainy!

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