Phoneography Challenge: Nature – Winter Branches

Winter Branches #1
winter branches

Taken with an iPhone 4 and edited with Snapseed.

Where I live in Southern California may not have snow, but it has some awesome winter branches. I saw this tree silhouetted against a cloudy sky in the parking lot of my favorite deli.  I am entranced by the twisting branches and the few leaves hanging precariously, just waiting for the next wind to release them.

This second one is a tree in our front yard touched by the setting sun.

Winter Branches #2
Taken with an iPhone 4 and edited in Snapseed

Taken with an iPhone 4 and edited in Snapseed

I used another shot from the above photo session to create sepia images with PixlrExpress+ for the post Sepia Saturday: Barren Branches.

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Phoneology Challenge

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4 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Nature – Winter Branches

  1. Sally

    I like each for different reasons. The first for its strong eloquence, and the few leaves still grasping onto the branches. The second one for the way the golden rays of the sun move through the branches. Happy Phoneography Monday.

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