Phoneography Challenge: Nature – A Murder of Crows

Taken with an iPhone 4, edited with Snapseed  11.30.13

Taken with an iPhone 4, edited with Snapseed 11.30.13

The suburban area where we live in Southern California is home to a large number of crows.  We have crows in small gatherings of 3-6 around the neighborhood almost every day.  However, in the past few days there has been a large flock making the rounds and talking up a storm.  I imagine that the yearly Crow-ing Convention is in Camarillo this year.  Saturday afternoon, I realized the group who woke us up that morning was chattering away in our backyard tree and I grabbed my phone and headed out.  When my dog joined me, they decided that it was time to scram but I caught a few shots as they headed to the next symposium.


Phoneology Challenge

To participate and see more Nature entries, visit Lens and Pens by Sally.


7 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Nature – A Murder of Crows

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  3. janet

    We have a bush in front of our house that seems to serve as the neighborhood Birdbucks. The birds gather there and chatter, flying off when I open the door or garage door. They aren’t crows, however, so I can’t have the fun of calling the gathering a murder. Drat!!


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